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The request as part of Congress's oversight duties, but Republicans say there are privacy concerns. They accused Democrats of weaponising the tax code. Of course, President Trump broke with decades of tradition by refusing to release the income tax filing saying he's under audit and his returns are too complex for people to understand them Virginia Lieutenant governor Justin Fairfax, he's asked prosecutors to investigate sexual assault allegations to women have made against him speaking at a news conference Wednesday. Fairfax again said the sexual encounters were consensual these allegations truth would be incredibly serious because they are not true, however, air incredibly hopeful to me, and my family, and my reputation, I do not believe that national television appearances or legislative theories the right vehicles to get some station Ozzy allegations does not make them truth. I voluntarily. Submitted to a polygraph test, by nationally respected calligrapher with regards. The allegations of each accuser, I've passed each of those tests, all very I tried today aren't providing the full report of the polygraph experts before to the public second also described further below my attorney has at my direction with the prosecutors in Boston Massachusetts and in Durham, North Carolina. Launch investigation of these allegations. And I've offered his full cooperation I will answer any and all questions, and I'm willing to do so under oath and under penalty of Vanessa Tyson in Meredith Watson level their accusations against Fairfax in February both have indicated a desire to testify before. State lawmakers who could impeach Fairfax. South Korea's telecoms turned on super fast five g mobile internet networks abruptly ahead of schedule that in an attempt to ensure the country became the first in the world to launch the services. So was it South Korea or the US? Well, south three is carriers. Went live at eleven pm. Wednesday reportedly hours.

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