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Jockey club at churchhill balanced which is a big thing as well he's gonna win at churchill downs do i think he's one of the favorites going forward though like it yesterday now i see i thought forensic file was the host beat no being a derby host of being a one trying to kind of holes and he disappointed me and freeze up billy did as well we also have a uh prep uh to the kentucky derby at tampa bay downs and we have upset inadequate yeah you do we were on so that we were talking about a very cruzi quite up he said no strange things happening attend plans sometimes things that happen in tampa stay uh and it was screaming upset he was quite right i like you know also unpaid debate but where you quite know what best features will hold but they did not run like the horses a saint that they its stocks of the main track but then you have quit then this is the horse uh you know erin pointed out to us quips a beautifully bread holes as gorgeous lucy horseys by a guy who for years and years what's of billy martin does how to trade that good holes coming off a layoff and hustle he ran fantastic and while he's found me you know stumped his kick so the kentucky derby by disorder that you will out of an indian child lead that you can go long he's got a little bit of speed it but i thought i was a great trading job by the young rudolf percent when you look at your uh uh derby lists your top top10 your top five uh next up we have the sunland derby and then we have the florida derby we have the louisiana derby uh are you looking at anybody else uh like we have audible going in the uh a florida derby and the good magic's apparently gonna go and the blue grass what are your thoughts as we continue the road to kentucky automobiles been hole he really is good holds the complex sharon told knows how.

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