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They were going to compete in the pros and and do everything that we wanted them to do. They were just you know moving on. And i was okay with that because of how they handled it in. I mean that with all due respect and honesty. Like i never felt like they were one foot out the door or you know on their way to something else you know. We made the playoffs. That year Unfortunately de west towards acl which really put but as in a tough spot but thankfully we had carl landry and he stepped up and played well. But chris and i We had a great working relationship. There were days where i was. You know coaching him a bit too hard. You know being a typical knee in those moments but our relationship Never changed in in in fact when he left We stayed in contact He always watched us play when we played against each other. We always talk in the hallway. i'd see him at usa basketball events. Our relationship didn't change. It got stronger in the story that You know when people ask me about chris and our time away from each other. I think the thing that sums it up was. My daughter was working with the league. At an all star break she was basically doing grunt work and doing all the stuff that interns do..

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