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Around the golf with my guy jerry hill who represents our district you'll make a lot of money he's not very good i'll jerry now you said that yeah gentlemen thank all right see every all right she is one of the real important people in northern california in terms of golf i mean just the list of things that she's involved with that alone in the one i think she made not have reminded us of this she's very involved with the golf course superintendents association and coordinates the number of their meetings and such so when she sleeps i mean if she does it's not for long i had an impromptu visit out to original josiah westlake last week and part of this story i want to can i just stop you right there you did not have an impromptu nobody just kinda goes oh i think i'll go to jovan okay done that but this was planned a little bit okay would subconsciously in there and i want to also remind i wanted to wish my grandson william is six per day was already the thirteenth happy thursday on friday the thirteenth and then this birthday again on friday the thirteenth but here's the birthday story is that my brother who's a great trumpet player he brings his trumpet everywhere fabulous and he played happy birthday for two different people one we do and one we didn't know there were having a birthday celebration joe so if you're at joe's or other western parts of the city restaurants and somebody starts playing happy birthday salo to my brother roy yeah and is a reminder you got you got other functions coming up that you think about for joe's you got mother's day you've got fathers day graduations is behind us now and there's always birthdays in the future and made me my brother royal show up and you have the eleventh of july which is a reason to go to joe's.

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