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You got us calling shots NBC or poll question of the day. Do you care about Pro Bowl snubs? You know, where I sit. I think it's silly assume now is a fifty eight percent you've got some other answers on there as well. Make your voice heard do. That's my guy. Ryan holland's. There is nobody better longtime NBA player you see him on ESPN. He's part of clippers broadcasts. College hoops. He is big on Instagram as well. Ryan the video that you just posted on Instagram earlier today. How did you get that video of me doing all those crazy dunks? Look mary. You know? Open it up. You never know. You don't get it up. The footage. Guard. How impressed were you with me at barely five foot ten closer to forty than? I am thirty still throwing down dunks. Like that. I'm I'm nasty. Aren't you know, you really you really threw me for a little when you did the one hand windmill on foot? You got the left hand tool basketball. Se. That's the one. Vera, VERA, Ryan Hollins on Twitter and Ryan Holland's on Instagram. How you doing man? What's up? I'm doing good. You doing man, I'm good. I'm good new beginning starting soon. I say you laugh or you cry right? So let's laugh we'll have some fun. You do more than they call it a full day. You know that right now, I know I know so people if they're following you should know you do a lot more than just hoops. I want to start off with something not hoops related. Our poll question is about the Pro Bowl snubs, and I've been seen so many talking heads discussed this do you do you care about that? Like, you get into conversations about look, man. I can't believe Andrew lock didn't make the team. Well, the way that the NFL just changed the rules around. I don't think you were. You're technically now because you gotta so breeze. A great even Philip rivers. A couple of other guys are going to be playing actually during the time that the Pro Bowl on. So they'll be they're not going to be in the game. But they'll get a mention it. Then they'll add Kamara in the rest of those guys into the game. So it's not like the same. It's like you're still going to play the game. You know what I'm saying? Good. I'm I'm glad you get this there were and again, I don't normally do this where I talk about other host. But like there were so many host today on other networks that were like breaking down. Why this player should have been in instead of another one? Like who cares? Come on move on. I. Startled bad the coke come out the gate labor. They just got hot. Okay. Got. It wasn't just a conclusion bike. The year, man. This guy's a pro over the last seven years. He's been hurt hurt. Okay. So in the NBA, I think we know that the Golden State Warriors are going to be the best team. When all listen and most people believe that. But I'll give you credit on something. You said the Toronto Raptors were the team that you thought could win an NBA championship. Why did you see that right now they are the best team in the NBA? The I want you to remember this because I'm I'm a bit of a parrot when it comes to this playoff basketball is about matchups matchups. Everybody plays hard. Everybody of all your plays. And if you have a roster now today's NBA where you could switch everything you got long range, you guys and they're serviceable on offense where they don't hurt you necessarily on the other end you got a shot. And when you look at Toronto's roster, they have a whole lot of that and their two young rooks. They're young pups, PASCAL calm and OGSM newbie those two straight up like. Like, they're they're turning into something special. Not to mention collide layer there, so match wise. They got guys for state. They got guys for LeBron potential the they haven't first Attila to go against the Phillies in Boston for the world. And that's really how you back. Shop personnel wise. You know, you've got these little literature disappoint cars running around. You you don't match up. And even if you don't have a big that's perfect. So I mean, they gotta through across the board that you say they got their back like Toronto got blown out of the water. It couldn't match up. Okay. Demar rosen. Lebron James work. Okay. But we do match up with Toronto this year. Nobody that they can't quite whip. Aren't let's stay in the east. Embiid Simmons bottlers this going to work. No. When you say what we'll find. Eastern Conference finals. Yeah. Eastern Conference finals. I mean, there's a potential they get there are they gonna duck duck Toronto, you know, and I liked that. I liked their team. I liked it. But I don't like them that much because it does take a little ordinance even for them to work there. Not just as as finely tuned as you would assume. Where'd you go? Hey, man. Those guys are gonna fit right away. No Jimmy's the score. And the defender he's a you need the ball in his hand intimate catch shoot in a hybrid. You know, there's a lot of special things teaching do. And you you look at a a Brad Stevens system. You know, you look at Toronto's personnel. You wanna Trump coming together in such a short amount of time for that have worked together. You know, also big three like they weren't head shoulders better. Talent wise a lotta came up like that. Yeah. We've already there. There's people that can match the talent of of silly. You know, what I'm saying to where you just don't make up for all your mistakes with just giving the ball to those guys and they go make plays Ryan when we look at the Milwaukee Bucks is this about the players getting better or them, and I'm not trying to disparage other coaches, but then having a coach they can put an assist them. If I honestly felt about is like it, but the deal, but as one of the better coaches and league Chris offense that hits and tops in the ball moves they attack. He's opened the floor up. So creative things, you know, Lopez the shooting threes, he's a real legitimate stretch five and they just play free. It may defend and yeah, your honest got better. Everybody can see the work that he's done on his body air, Eric who I play with Bledsoe's playing playing at a high level, and they had a really young team. So you you look at. At that situation. And you you really sit back and say, yeah, I it's both band, and I mean like legitimately Keith both. He's Ryan Hollins spent a long time in the NBA working with ESPN clipper studio. Analysts doing some games. You got college hoops games on Twitter. The Ryan Holland's on Instagram. It is Ryan Holland's. Let's talk about those clippers obviously right now not playing well over the last four or five games. But what would your takeaway be about their seasons far? Strongest put this in a nutshell. Okay. Put one little boy is doing things that. He's just planning on another wave. He's on another level. When you talk about it. Don't get too excited. Can you calm down? When I say this, okay. What you think I'm just throw stuff out? Basketball. Okay. When you throw out guys that can login when you're out of high level, I'm thinking James, I'm thinking Steph Curry's, I'm thinking James harden. Lou Williams was thirty with that type of level of efficiency. When he comes off the pick and roll he's shooting three three or four feet behind the lines. You jump out. Herald cortott Bobo. Layups and then he skipping the ball around the court. So he's a guy that you can legitimately weren't offense through at a high level. He's out the clippers are looking around. And that's hit a shop. He he was starting the fourth quarter scoring so equipment. We're looking around going. Oh my God. This guy was really good. What the heck? Are we going to do right now? Yes. Good. He he's everyone everyone yelling at him for this all star. Lou Williams has the ball in his hands for the game. So their federal things out not to mention playing in the west, bro. This is the most even that I've seen the NBA shell. And and we'll project the clippers going to win an NBA championship this year key don't don't speculates don't get all while if they're going to win this year. They're going to have to do it Detroit. Pistons sound I heard say this earlier, and I echo. Him. But they're going to have those guys have to turn into they're gonna have to have a couple of guys turned into kind of like a lower level. But all star bid type of player Nari. So bias little those guys are gonna have to be all star level. They don't have to be superstar. But they're going to have to have a collection of guys that play really well together. And and kind of like take that next step. You know, what I'm saying is actually their keep. So we don't want to just dismiss it. It's there they got personnel to match up with Golden State's and and Houston's and and and whoever else in the Lakers, even they got by all the Brown. But they got some things they got a piece together. Ryan there is nobody better I've loved our chats on the air for I don't know the last two three years that we've been doing this, and we will continue to stay in touch for sure. Hey, bro. Continued success brother the sky's the limit. Man. You're you're Germany's industry prop up a man. I appreciate everything you do broke keep killing it. And man, you you know, you know, what time it is. Thank you so much man there. He is the great Ryan Holland's. I have loved getting to know Ryan over the last couple years. He's one of the best. That was awesome. It's calling the shots key. There.

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