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Dream. I I don't I I don't mind you're making funded. You've got the best line of this show that disturbs me. You know it's funny. I've been living a lot of just because of stuff. I'm writing and been living among the romantic poets. Where my favorite The English romantic were my favorite poets and I always wanted to meet John Keats. he lived for a very short time and did some of the greatest Poetry in the history of the world. And I've just just. He had an amazing mind and he was one of the very. Few poets was a decent human being And he's just been much on my mind of late and I just would love to sit down and talk to them. Michael you know. I guess I'd have to go with Dante. I WANNA go way back. I don't want to say like Reagan or Washington right. I want to go all the way back to Dante because Reagan. You know he was like a pretty quiet guy didn't have a lot of friends he was he was very loud publicly but privately wasn't. Washington was apparently kind of stern. I think Dante he's a guy could get like ten or twenty drinks with and really program. You don't have a great time so I'm going for him also because there hasn't been a great poet since John Keats so you know I wanNA bring one of those guys back then. I mean the obvious. Answer is Moses because I have questions yeah I will give an answer but I'll also give fo- answer which is a friend of mine once said It's too bad. You can't bring Jesus back to life. Imagine what he could have accomplished if they hadn't killed him curse Christian. If you're a Christian of the great reread the story I probably would Bring Washington I. I'm fascinated by Washington because he was such a singular figure historically. There's very few men in all of history Who who were as central to the moment in which they lived as he was truly. If any other person had been in the position that he was in. I don't think we would have the country that we have that said. I'm sometimes struck by the fact that he died. And it's terrible because he basically blood himself to death right He. He basically killed himself by believing in a barbaric practice of bleeding. When you have a fever otherwise he'd still be with us and yet. His death came as as with almost every aspect of his life. His death came exactly when it probably had to occur in order us to remain America because as things fell into more and more disarray after he left office. There's more and more call for him to sort of step back up near John. Adams wanted to bring him back in a military capacity bringing back as commander in Chief. And and so it's probably. It's fairly amazing that he did every single thing that he had to give us a country including dying when he did Ben Guys We. We've all gotten the wrong and when I say the correct answer. You're all going to acknowledge the correct answer. A person who would bring back from death so that you could ask questions absolutely Jeffrey. What did you send Jeffrey? Out of? Baskin's first husband has so much more to tell. I mean all all Carol Baskin's first husband has to say is that that was a mistake. Jeffrey Epstein's man that guy that guy's got some stories to tell ya gotta who died. When he had to save our countries. I would say Hamilton. Just 'cause I WANNA know if he likes player not and who shot you dishonor. I'll answer it for Lee. He doesn't like the play the play. But you're right you're GONNA come back. You're you're right. He's income back from eighteen. Three is going to be like you know what I liked. This newfangled form we call rap Lin-manuel Maranda and be like no half of this is not historically accurate. Dude what the heck so at least you stick around with as I present my last question to the panel for tonight. You know it as we talked briefly about. It's also we're in the middle of a once in a century traumatic event for the country. Leave it to the left to conflate these two things and they also see a silver lining their silver lining. Is that what it can teach US spiritually to look at the kinds of tragedies that are taking place around us to then the the silver lining is humans are dying and not burning fossil fuel. This isn't a joke. It's not hyperbole. There was an actual story out today about how we've cut carbon emissions for twenty twenty by six percent and if we do that every year for the next ten years will be on track to accomplish the the Paris climate changes The Paris climate accord's projections. Been you got a you got a little bit of a war on twitter over this today which I always appreciate Well the tool bad I mean Eric Eric. Hold houses namely the guy so he tweeted out. He's like well. This just proves that we can do it guys. I have questions like a few hundred thousand. People are dead and the entire world. Economy is destroyed. So we kool-aid one tenth the way there Ben exactly I feel like I feel like there's some downsides that are that are being ignored in this in this little calculation and then of course he did the ridiculous twitter trick. Which is that when somebody who is more prominent than you re tweets you or says something to you then you change your twitter handle to rip them and so his very clever riposte to me pointing out that. Perhaps the the near apocalypse might not be the best solution to the possibility that the climate is. GonNa warm by one point five degrees Celsius. Of course next one hundred years that perhaps the complete destruction of all we hold dear and the deaths of thousands of people who like that. Maybe that might not actually be the best possible solution. To the fact that water levels gonNA rise by like a foot over. The course of accenture pointed this out. He went to Ben. Shapiro is a racist which I have to say extraordinarily convincing. I immediately recanted brier production. And now I'm on board with mass numbers of people dying because obviously save obviously save the world if we can only save the world so there are no people I mean this is actually the real solution right. We're just getting rid of the people. If it weren't for the people the air would be beautiful. The trees would be blooming. This actually connected the whole house thing to rip on your boy again here knowles but I connected. It's in the whole pope. Nature is taking revenge. It's like I've something totally about nature. I've been trying to warn people about nature for a long time warning about nature and this one's for you. This goes out to Lisa crouse. Who LOVES HER SOME NATURE OKAY? I've been saying this contest to it because she was on morning radio with me for years..

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