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Axe how you feel about the spidey series did with its version of secret wars. It's fine i you know. It doesn't do the full thing which is fine. You know. I think much too big for the show but I think i think it works. Okay like it does kind of a more like a six on six battle in its three episodes. It's okay madame. Web's i think it's fine. It doesn't feel like i guess as big as maybe it should. I should art be but like you know what you mean. It's not as big as it feels like the comics is. I think that's fine Didn't leave a huge impression on me and especially like left's less of an impression than a lot of more regular episodes. I guess especially accepts. Maybe the kind of the doom stuff. The doom stuff was fun. I'll i'll say after like After the initial setup of battlefield being set up by madame web in the beyond our skim through it you know like i was not totally invested in. I i skim through amount of this like to get to the like the core of each episode. Yeah the the main things that i remember dooms accents. And and the things face. Things insectivores the in despair series. The thing looks like an actor with basil make-up on except animator so it makes no sense like he almost looks like he's from the ninety s roger common movie. It is weird. It does not look like the comic version of the thing. It's got definitely like more flat. Yeah he's got kind of a flat small face for the big stony man. yeah Let's see any other questions here when i hit a kodiak fan casting the show but i'm i don't know do you have anything. Like what spider person do you wish in the show. That could he asks. What's the peasant that existed wish was included and what's spanish person that didn't exist yet Included i think it's that they didn't think group twenty seven twenty nine because he seemed Like that Maybe it's because they wanted to focus some versions of peter packer specifically and guests so even if it wasn't for that last episode that's a good point that marvel twenty ninety nine. Didn't come in because this was like. Yeah and exactly when it was running. You know what's cody later asks. What's at the end of the show. madame web says that they're going to go rescue jane who had like three And could he asks. What do you think they would adapt from the cummings so that might feed that in. What if she just went to the future into ninety nine and that would be the next season. Yeah charlotte though the. That'd be fine by me. I don't know the the show ends on a note of like you have to go find mary jane but it also clearly is the last episode right like he talks. The stanley cancels. No no. i didn't 'cause i've era Who was like the head of marvel at the time and the person was in charge of The actual channel like the fox channel. It was running on. You were just like couldn't agree on anything. And so they just a stub doing the show but even though like neither of them were actually involved in the making of the show. Oh strange So you know. I didn't know any of the Peter asks are marvel books. Would you like to see you. Get a similar series. As they're less renowned show you think did equally as well servisair the spotlight this i..

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