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You know i mean i don't know how many in the than some knockout but i don't know how many people do not most people are shorter sat in there you know in their sequence in their in their uh whatever their distinguished moves or move set or whatever i'm act we were still clinton through grow and we're in the manner to pay per view you know what i mean i may still it was a constant effort character development szoka speak as opposed to establishing the character the set in that and then just moving forward you know what i mean you we constantly i think that's what you know everybody else you this in this phone call or this podcast whatever it is is me what i'm saying that that never stopped for us you know what i mean it was a constant y'all yeah constantly constantly trying to find ways to make that character more or that they can make it reach uh you know connect with more people what's interesting about backstory is backstory hasn't been told so you can tell it as you go along you make on the outside rocking back and forth some polling heroin and that's all backstory nobody really knows what the deal is at that point so we have a luxury we with this outlet to be able to tell a baxter even if there has been one told we can tell it in the ring and then the beautiful part about this match is it not only tells backstory but then it tells where we're going going forward okay you have better you have said you have taker come out you see where everybody's gonna spread out but for this twenty six twenty seven minutes you guys are able to tell a backstory as layers cheer characters with toughness with you know mankind now being able to hang with a wrestling champion for for half an hour.

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