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Is their president. We are talking about and we in Congress had better be very careful. But before we have set their decision And make darn sure that our decision to impeach him was based upon principle. And not politics. My theory is that when the Republican wins the White House Democrats will demand pay back. All right, let's get to our busy telephones here. Let's say hi to Let's see. Eva is in Florida. Eva Hi. How are you? Glad you called. Thanks, John. I'm Sean. I just wanted to ask you a couple questions real quick. Number one. Why is our taxpayer dollars going to try to impeach somebody who's not even in office? That's number one number two that money could be used for the people in their constituents. And they're wasting all this time on all the circus and they're not helping the people. I mean, what is this? Really? They should pay the people back for the four years of sham impeachment and pay the people back or what they're trying to do. Right now. This is coming out of our tax payer dollars and it really upsets me. It should upset you because it listen. Look at all the people that got pink slips. Thanks to Joe Biden, the 50 some odd now executive orders This is not the people's business that's going on here. You know this? This is this is a rational psychotic rage, just outright hatred. You know the danger to the Constitution, the whole snap impeachment why they would ever validate legitimize what the House did is unbelievable to me and because it's not a legitimate process. They raced through it record time anyway, I I share. I share your feelings. One more thing before I did before going into your busy man. But listen, Trump said, I'm going to do these things. If you elect me, he has checked off almost every box except draining the deep. Build a flop. What has what has the Democrats done? Where's their checklist? What have they checked off? That they've done for the people for America for our freedoms? Nothing except suppressant. Listen, your your right. Every American should be angered at all of this. You know, That's why I keep saying and people like, what do you mean? You wanted to go on for a long political is long as they wanted to go. Let him impeach every day. Let's go for 99 more by the time they're done with this one. Because every day they do it, That's less damage that they're doing to the American economy. Now they should be doing things like covert vaccine distribution, helping small businesses that have been struggling. Shut down Draconian. Shutdown measures that have been in place they should be worried about. Oh, those oil workers. The pipeline workers know there. They'd rather listen to Leonardo DiCaprio. Now, now shut down the kota pipeline. Well, obviously, he doesn't have to worry about it himself. It's just sad. And anyway, thank you for the call. And then on top of it all, then you got the mob. The media. Now, after the snap impeachment Oh, this was all pre planned. Oh, my goodness. Hope. Well, I guess the incitement to insurrection charge spontaneous nature of it campy, true if it was pre planned I got a long montage here. Just listen to the media, you know, having to report on this being pre planned. I want to get to this issue of coordination and premeditation because only this is really the leading edge of this investigation. And for the first time today we heard the U. S attorney say that he believes the pipe bombs are connected to the riders and that it was a diversionary tactic. So right at the height of this between 12 45 And 1 15. When President Trump is speaking, you have the first group pushing on to the Capitol complex. The first pipe bomb is reported at the RNC headquarters here in Washington. Then it won 15 the second is reported at the DNC and the U. S attorney said today he thought they were diversionary, which means they were an effort to pull first responders away from the capital. At the very time frame that they were breaching onto the capital, so it would further weakened security at that site, and all of this goes to I'm sorry. It's a long answer. It all goes to the idea of premeditation and coordination among individuals. That chilling new report that there was an FBI internal report the day before the siege, warning of a violent war at the Capitol in new reporting that the FBI received a very specific warning. Before the riot. Let's bring in CBS is Jeffrey Gaze has been reporting all day. Good evening, Jeff, nor that I noticed warned of Maura at the Capitol. But for some reason, Security wasn't stepped up there to meet the challenge that that attack would post on how much of it was planned. How much of this was strategized ahead of time? People wandering around exercising their first Amendment rights don't bring ropes and ladders and sledgehammers to a spontaneous event. This was a planned assault as if going after our castle. Such rank hypocrisy, right, Let's get back to our phones. Robert, Texas. What's up, Robert? How are you? Glad you called, sir. Glad you're in a state that as well, good, decent amount of common sense and decency. God bless Texas. I got a question for you. Shall I bless Texas? I agree. So how is it or why is it that Chief Justice Roberts is not proceeding at this kangaroo court? That's part one Are two is why doesn't the judicial branch grow a spine and stop this travesty with a 9 to 0 vote? About its constitutionality. You know, they all took them both to protect, defend and follow the Constitution. And right now they're lying toe 330 million Americans. They? You know, you raise an interesting point that Chief Justice isn't there for a reason. Now, how would you like to have a quote, impeachment trial or any trial? And the judge is already determined before the start of the trial that you're guilty as hell, Boy. That sounds like the American way, doesn't it? That sounds like a good old American way to me. Unbelievable times. Robert. Yep. God bless Texas. Moses. New Joys, e. What's up, Moses? How are you? I'm doing great song. Great to talk to you, my friend. Thank you for taking my call. Thank you. All right, So a couple comments I want to make Shawn and I've seen it, especially after liking of the event has happened last couple of months, but I understand even more clearly. Now why Trump got elected? It's because of Republican weakness and inaction. Decades of it. You know, the Republicans don't have to fight back. All they have to do is just simply respond in kind We've now had to unconstitutional impeachment. We've had Adam Schiff completely destroyed President when it comes to impeachment, released phone records of sitting members of Congress released phone records illegally of lawyers like Rudy Giuliani and other and other private citizens. You know, And now the hypocrisy you have al. See Hastings. They're talking about impeachment. Right? You have policy. Hastings, congressman from Florida Democrat who was a judge that was impeached for bribery, and he sits on the Democrat Rules Committee is the vice chairman. But yet they want to go after what you want to go out there..

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