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NBS Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince and who President Trump says may or may not be guilty. Andy Field ABC news, Washington asked Democrats are holding leadership elections before their party takes control in January. And the first winner has been announced Representative hiking Jeffries of New York edge Representative Barbara Lee, California to become the next democratic caucus chair the fifth highest leadership position the vote one twenty three to one thirteen the race highlighted the generational divide in the party Jeffries. A forty eight year old three term congressman against seventy two year old Lee who has served ten terms Jeffries is considered to be a potential future in first speaker of the house. Kenneth Moton, ABC news the capitol. The Senate is blocked a vote on a Bill that would protect special counsel Robert Muller from being fired by the president. It comes as President Trump's lead attorney revealed lawyers for former Trump campaign chairman, Paul Manafort has been briefing the president's lawyers about what Manafort told the special counsels. Investigators Federal Reserve chairman. Jerome Powell says the US economy remained, strong, but hikes in interest rates could slow in the coming months. Interest rates are still low by historical standards. And they remain just below the range of estimates of that level. That would be neutral for the economy that is neither speeding up nor slowing down gross. Owls speaking at the economic club of New York this morning. The Commerce Department said the US economy grew at a rate of three point five percent in the third quarter. The Dow is up more than five hundred points. You're listening to ABC news. I'm Jay Farner, CEO of.

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