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Butashton i would like to say i'mi'm going to go ahead and defend the annoying pollyannaish people firm of free noi mean i totally get what you're seeing judgeyunnani've seen some of the things to like he you know when people take a chance and try out a lifestyle or a embrace a lifestyle that's different than the cultural norm um they're going to get a what they're gonna have a lot of eyes on them watching them to see if they fail or succeed great and people are going to be interested because it's different and so you know a lot of relationships most relationships don't work out in the sense that the people are together forever rate aminmost people date a lot of guys are girls are non binary people before they get married and settled down and even sometimes when people get married in a monogamous marriage it ends in divorce and it doesn't last forever and so and also there's cheating in monogamous relationships umi've seen statistics that you know 70 of monogamous relationships since leaving nagas relationships involve some element of cheating where one or both partners is having an affair behind the other person's back and so there's there's some wasted you monogamy wrong that everybody has seen already and everybody is familiar west like cheating on your partner or like being possessive in controlling that's another way to do monogamy wrong i would say um and then there's ways to do hollyemery wrong right like a not being completely honest with your partners um you can still cheat in pollyannaish relationships if you're breaking the commitments that you've made with your partner or partners and doing things that that you've agreed not to do with your distinct partners um also extreme djilas when mood decision bolted.

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