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That mailbag music so this is from member of the ketchup crew members. Kevin and carla. Right one of them talks and the other one dictates. I'm not sure how it works with. Kevin and carla. But here we go. We eerily await each release and it's a morning listen on our boats as were sailing. The world kevin carla. Gimme a call next time. This week's episode on the holiday was enjoyed at anchor in boca del toro panama. Panama kevin carla living the dream right. Now thanks for taking us at least podcast along for the ride. Our suggestion for a movie comes from shared memories of it playing in the background when we were first dating miami vice which is not the movie. I thought i'd say miami vice from two thousand six is an amazing ride with great music and dark brooding scenes. Rotten tomatoes is so wrong with a score of forty six percent. Come on who isn't a. I'm a fiend. From a he. He'does love the show. Kevin and carla. Psu armageddon episode had us laughing having spent a number of years explaining technical terms to government and business leader. The it's the size of texas. Mr president line is exactly how you would explain the size of the asteroid to a president. And i believe the name of their ship. Their boat is the sv gargoyles. So if you're out there around panama sp gargoyles give them a. I don't know where did they have horns on boats. I don't know how sailing works cabinet. Carl but i know you are doing a great job. Thank you again for your support of this show..

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