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New Jersey won a one point five news time seven oh wait no New Jersey one one point five instant weather colder weather gradually takes back over this week in the meantime we've got some rain on the way tonight rain showers become likely especially late this evening and overnight lows in the low forties and get warm enough that we're just simply stuck with all rain no winter weather to worry about at least on and off rain expected as we head through Tuesday highs in the upper forties near fifty not much of a warm up and then Wednesday they were dry during the daytime another round of rain the Wednesday night into early Thursday Wednesday sigh upper forties to fifty a clearing sky Thursday with gusty wind and highs in the mid forties I'm meteorologist mark Thibodeaux Swedes borough fifty one Raritan forty nine south Plainfield forty nine download our mobile app for breaking traffic weather and news alerts sent to your smartphone it's free from New Jersey one of one point five here is the one the one point five our own radio station New York Elvia proud to be New Jersey the the Monday night in New Jersey is the trouble is you may still live in a coop we got Elvis show tonight we have a lot of fun tonight we got the guy.

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