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You're winning what you should be writing in. It can even get as far as writing. Let's call them drafts of your content and strategy at the end of the day. It's all meant to help. The humans be more successful in writing their content. We go from essentially content creators to being more in an editorial function at some point. Here we get to the you can run a content strategy by paying for it and just turning the machines on or you know they're always going to be human component. I believe there's always human component cra merely because of the legal component but it is also the situation where you will have really specific intense that can be serviced by generation yard. See you we. You might not know it. But it's been around for five plus years six plus years washington post. for example. it's olympic. Season is by the time this will be the end of the olympics but washington post more than five years ago. Launched an analogy platform called heliotrope braff with an app and lg being natural language craft correct natural language generation generation. Okay and it inspired me to really focus on and algae at the products. They were doing template based and rule based and algae one of the examples by the olympics. Is they previous two. With the two thousand sixteen olympics. They were only able to cover about eight twelve. I think the number was percent of the games is it was manually written. But they wrote these programmatic solutions such that they were able to cover all the games. That's natural language generation which is a different branch of artificial intelligence. Natural language processing natural regeneration is building a language model that can right based on having been trained on reading and understanding. Biddle pool of pages is and so. Then you can tune into right like benjamin for example. So what they did they were doing. Basically like mad libs but a smarter madeline right so it would say in this event. The gold went to x. And silver wednesday but they realized that that wasn't going to be uniformly correct. And this is what blew my mind when i heard this washington post was. The event of judo has two bronze medals. So if you programmed all of your mad lives only gold. Silver bronze yudo would be wrong so they had to write basically a rule system in so then their output would be right at the same thing on election coverage they were able to cover one hundred percent of local state and national elections. They used to cover about five percent. It was crazy win on financial sites. They're able to use this type of technology to cover every stock instead of five percent of the stocks so you there's wins in analogy that our template driven at tammy temperature rich but it was never able to be applied to creative writing to content marketing until very recently at the level of of value. That would be needed to perform. Well we are in age now of infinite bad content and that scariest how we are in the age of infant back on. Will we get to age of infinite. Good i don't know right now. The ponies in being able to see it for what it is and understand where you have strengths and weaknesses. The people who can do that and use this livelier gonna win. He blew us. This brazenly and disrespectfully are going to have serious. Armageddon is going to be a disaster. I can already elliott. I can already see it happening. And i already see impacting people in a bad way. It's it's yet another example of too much of a good thing or you can't give people good toys for those of you who are fan of the terminator series. We have some people that are bad actors that are essentially using their blog. Post to develop skynet effectively. Really you see it. Though it's people they see anything is a shortcut. It's not it's a amplifier. You have to differentiate in in product development for this solution on. This is an inside baseball thing. But i think it's really relevant here when we showed people this is the was immature workflow which means people don't get it right only showed people finished content in google. Docs that was generated. Their brains don't work. They look at the content and they judge it is good or bad is just how frameworks right. That isn't a product because if people it's bad with so many people say it's bad it's not gonna work you got to say you're out how to use that as like building blocks or plato to craft something beautiful and until you get that workflow down. It's never going to be able to be adopted by the masses and right now we're in the middle state. They got editor views. You've got dinner editor views and what you have is the really smart people are seeing how they can use this to their advantage in the masses right now on fortunately are using it to build low quality content which doesn't work well look. There's a lot of room to grow when it comes to artificial intelligence created content. I think it is a powerful tool and something that could really amplify like you said with the good search teams are doing. But you know you're if you're copying the behaviors of a good writer. Your artificial intelligence will probably come out with better content as opposed to if you're just copying strategy that doesn't work you're gonna get a bunch more content that doesn't work the end of the day. Jeff you work in an incredibly interesting field. I appreciate you coming in here and talking us through how artificial intelligent is impacting content creation teams. And what some of us can expect down the road. Thanks for being my guest so much. 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