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It's a sunny morning. February twenty fifth. Eighteen ninety five in innumerable crowd is gathered around the metropolitan african methodist episcopal church on m. street in washington. Dc shrouded in black. The mournful congregation stretches from the chapel's east door over a block in each direction. They're all here to pay their final respects to the man whose remains in the plain wooden hearse now making its way to the steps of the church. I'm speaking of the sage of anacostia. The moses of his people old man eloquent frederick douglass frederick departed this world five days ago. It was unexpected that february twentieth morning. He and his wife. Helen enjoyed a carriage. Ride through washington. dc. I'm sure they drew a few stairs but nothing. This interracial couple couldn't handle i. After a decade of enduring disapproving family cruel newspapers and the disapproval of countless americans. Why am black alike. I doubt the loving husband and wife ever batted frederick. Then attended a meeting of the national council of women where he sat with his friend. Susan b. anthony brown five that evening. He returned to his beautiful two storey mansion just outside. Dc in the village of anacostia a home. He called cedar hill where he could rest up before his scheduled speech that night. But then two hours later. He dropped the ground in the front hallway as this happened. Helen ran outside desperately screaming for someone to help but it was to no avail fast. As dr j. stewart harrison came he found the seventy seven year old freedom fighter already dead likely from heart attack the following day the twenty first governing bodies ranging from the us senate north carolina's state legislature adjourned in. Honor fredericks passing the votes to do so were far from unanimous though and upset many southern democrats a north carolina newspaper called the messenger and intelligencer captures wealthier disapproving sentiment quote the resolution of adjournment in honor of the negro who married a white wife and thus proved himself an enemy. Both races and the piece of both is worse thousand times. It must not only bring the blush of shame to every white man in the state but also discussed every negro who has any pride or self respect we have reached the climax of infamy will white men who have a spark of state pride or love of home go further with this revolution that has now reached its climax in endorsing massage nation and its consequent horse. Close quote. I told you press can be cruel to the douglas's yet. Despite the newspapers assertion today thousands of self respecting black americans and though fewer in number self-respecting white americans have shown up honor frederick from the morning into the early afternoon. Americans of all colors ages and stations of life somaly stream past the abolitionists oak. Casket those settling into the pews service. Include old school. Republican senators john sherman and george hoar former black members of congress. Senator blanche bruce and congressman. John lynch as well as supreme court justice john marshall harlan. By the time the service starts at two pm the massive gothic churches lecture hall is completely packed standing room only. This is the scene as reverend. Dr j. t. jennifer rises to offer stirring eulogy know ye not that. There is a prince chris and a great man following this day in israel. Death has ended the earthly care of the long and useful life of this great and good man. We cannot say that he has fallen but in a greater sense. He has risen by his death. His true in character will be revealed. The hearts of the people will be cemented in closer bonds of sympathy for those for which he so abeille labored. Douglas success the student the worker. The philanthropist patriot and leader was given us of god and god has taken him father brother leader farewell. Be you assured that you will never cease to have the deepest sympathy and the profound respect of a grateful humanity for whom you gave your life and best efforts. The probably isn't a dry in this church for many here. some born. Enslaved frederick was their champion there advocate. And now he's gone other speakers follow including howard university's white president reverend j e rankin as well as fredericks dear friend. Susan b. anthony approaching the pulpit toward the end of this three hour service. She reads the ladders from others of frederick's friends in admires these include another mover and shaker in the women's rights movement elizabeth. Katie stanton the letter recalls the power and majesty. He projected his ability to fight and capacity to forgive. She quotes frederick as telling her once. Quote the many tender friendships. That i have with the saxon race on both sides of the ocean. If taught me such sweet lessons of forgiveness that the painful memories of my early days are almost obliterated close quote. Elizabeth sees it her departed friend. All the attributes nation. Struggling forward needs her note closes. Frederick douglass is not dead. His grant character will long be an object lesson in our national history. His lofty sentiments of liberty justice and equality echoed on every platform over. Our broad land must influence inspire many coming generations. Close quote. The funeral comes to its end. One hundred fifty black grand army of the republic veterans escort. Frederick's body out of the gargantuan church to board a northbound train. he'll be interred in rochester. New york at mount hope cemetery. What a life whether physically pummeling his enslave as a teen forging a friendship with seated. Us president abraham lincoln or finding law the second time after the passing of his first wife in the arms of helen. A white woman. We have borne witness over several episodes as frederick obliterated barriers and that's the say nothing of his fighting heavy battles of abolition and women's rights. Truly the nation has lost one of its finest. Rest in peace. Frederick frederick ghost. His well earned eternal slumber. What is happening to his lifelong work and slavery procure full civil rights all americans regardless of color slavery is indeed dead. Jim crow laws. Taking root indeed as frederick lies in his grave southern legislatures are preparing to quote unquote redeemed south by effectively disenfranchising. Black voters.

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