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News radio network i'm jay holland and unseemly development in the birmingham mayor's race mayor candidate chris woods has been accused of slander by the executive director of the birmingham construction industry authority or be cia michael bell brother of birmingham mayor william bell and c i associate director david mariah came to his office in early two thousand twelve and told him mm that he was going to be replaced on city projects if he didn't quote paid a play unquote bill claims woods slandered him when he publicly accused him of corruption late last year michael bell filed a lawsuit against woods in january claiming slander defamation emotional distress and mental anguish montreal ward twenty six a tesco illusory was arrested by tuscaloosa police who was wanted in huntsville for fatally shooting ezekiel briggs 25 at built more place apartments that shooting happened july 14th on blue spring circle in northwest huntsville ward was arrested around five thirty a m when he was stopped in his vehicle in the fifty seven hundred black of east mcfarland boulevard ward is charged with possession of control substances leaving the scene of an accident in tuscaloosa county he also is being held for huntsville police on the murder charge before ward can be extradited to madison county he will need to be released on bail in tuscaloosa and bail has not yet been set the latest republican healthcare bid is dead after a middle of the night vote early friday in which senator john mccain cast the deciding no vote against the socalled skinny plan that would have repeal the individual mandate from obama care without a comprehensive replacement plan senate minority leader chuck schumer democrat new york hopes the decision will herald a new era of democrats and republicans working together in congress i think there are a lot of things that would have bipartisan support even took the paul ryan this morning about working together on these kinds of things and there's a thirst to do it brought to you by attorney alexander shinora a man for the people this is the yellowhammer news radio network i'm one million two million and even five me these are the results.

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