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I mean I'm not. I'm not trying to Kink Shamar, you know judge anybody here, but that just seems a little extreme. Yeah I mean. I wouldn't be surprised if he was a total manipulative asshole. Totally, yeah, it. Kind of makes sense that he would be that person. So, he's later transferred to the New Mexico State Penn in Santa Fe, and beverly follows him to the land of enchantment. She claimed to prison officials that he that she was his common law wife and she would do everything in her power to visit him at least twice a week. Okay, but don't you have to actually be living with SOMEBODY TO BE COMMON LAW SPOUSE? I can't imagine I don't know not to shade the eighties, because we are both products of the eighties, but and says alive thorough where people checking things. And also the eighties in New Mexico was probably like okay. Okay Yeah. I still now it's very much like the wild wild west. Okay? Sounds good to me I'm not gonNA. Go and research this. So do you think it was like conjugal visits? I don't know I couldn't find anything in the articles that I read to indicate that there was a sexual component. Than her infatuation for him and later on, we'll here. We'll get some insight into kind of what he thinks of her own. Can we to hear that, so? She's visiting him weekly and it's kind of unclear. Who came up with this plan to try to escape prison and it's also unclear why there was this involvement with two other inmates named Lucky and Mitchell, but they were. Lackey and Mitchell those aren't real well. That's their last names. Lackey Mitchell all right? Sorry, go ahead, don't judge. But they're along for the ride to the of New Mexico name. I'm just saying I'm just saying I could tell you were not from around here. My cousin. So, the plan was for beverly to charter a helicopter, and in a really gutsy ballsy move. The plan would be for her to force the pilot to land the CHAPA down in the REC yard of the prison. Path everyone board onto the pre the chopper and take off no way. Yeah, so when you hear wreck yard. That giant grassy, typically grassy area were inmates do physical activities working out whatever basketball or whatever yeah I. Mean I would probably just stand there, but. You would be sitting on the bleachers talking about everybody. And we. All the time. Mean was basically like high school. High, school minus the Shanking I was never seen in high school. The risk was always. Also just because we lived in Koro. Okay, so she to the plan is for her to hijack a helicopter. A chop up. You have to say like towards. That's insane. In landed in the prison yard. This isn't real life this..

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