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So that's basically what my book is about. It's a it's a simplistic way of these healing my my past in my childhood and seeing my mom go through that. And understanding that you know, whether something like that happens to a loved one of yours, and you're sad. No. That being sad is okay. If it makes you upset, you know, which is some of the emotions that I various as well. No that that that is. Okay. If you know, you don't know how. How to feel? No. That is also. Okay. You know, there's no correct way to cope or grease, and you shouldn't allow anyone to suggest how you should feel about something because that's also unhealthy on especially for young person. You know, whatever comes natural to you. And and how you you feel as though you should grow from the situation, or you know, whatever way makes you feel as though you've gotten the answers you want or okay at this point in your life with what you want. You know, it's it's it's all about that. And a lot of it like I said is just and helping children because as you mentioned earlier, there's there's someone who loses someone to cancer every single day. Unfortunately, that's just what the rights are. So in just helping them to understand that, you know, they're not alone. I understand I've felt that. I was there. This is a book. That's hopefully, you know, relatable to too many of those kids who are who are like me or who are me right now. Definitely, you know, I applaud you for taking all of that once grief into a better future for yourself. Because at one point, of course, it was full of grief. And somehow, someway, you know, you just had a brighter future ahead of you. Right. And you can just by the way that you you speak. Very affirmative. And you your have your very, you know, strong woman, you're headstrong. So I applaud you for that. I ought you for your success and the medical industry and for your future success and writing children's books, I think that's a great step and even for yourself. You know, writing lets you let your mind be free..

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