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Your land law. Lumber. Now. Listen, I'm I can only report the facts here. I could lie. I have two choices. I could lie to you. Or I could tell you the truth. If I lie to you. I I won't be bragging. If I tell you the truth is going to sound like I'm bragging, but I always era towards the truth. I took Tronto who's now. I mean, you could almost say the co favor FAZ, Iran razor thin, and I'm plus money in all situations. Once again, it is our James bell. So I'm feeling good. What how do you think? I did if I think you knew that you wanted to Rondo and you actually may bid on Toronto. But you read Brad he's got like his Notre Dame. I had read on Brad. I little cloverleaf or leave clover Irish. Oh. Dick's Brad likes the Celtics. Let's get him in a bidding war against himself. 'cause that was interesting. I actually laid one twenty you bought it the way I said it was Guinot. Maybe as my last one that's got him. And here we are. So we'll be updating that. But let's take a second on feds right now looking at these odds who's overvalued and who's undervalued moggy plus when trying to to fifteen Boston to ninety Philly three thirty. You know, I'm fearful that my Milwaukee Bucks have become the overvalued quantity by becoming the clear favourite here. I don't know. There's any reason with the lack of playoff experience that they should be a favourite versus Toronto. And I would make the case even with a new player he has a championship and fire memory won the MVP. And in a way, you know. I I've told this story before the tech and story, I shoot a lot of pool. So I had a stick. You know, a true stick that you could break in the middle. You know, it was think it was a duffer. It was like, you know, it was like a hundred thirty dollars stick in the eighties. It was a nice day. And. When I was shooting bad. I would break it and read not break it. I would, you know break into the joint and then reseal it to say okay start over. Right. And you know, it's a little mental. If you actually watch fell back when you know, an amazing athlete swimmer. He had his deal where he would smack is arms and away and part of it was that it loosened them up, but part of it was he did it every time. So he put him saying golfers have this where there's a certain either thought process, a do or they do something with their foot. It's a trigger. So to me, you could make the case trial going to say. What are you talking about? We we haven't had playoff experience. This is a new team as much as Mike Tomlin is someone. I'm not a huge fan of one of the favorite things. He ever said was after they won the SuperBowl in two thousand eight against Zona. They opened up on Thursday night and they interviewed him before the game. And they said well how how's the Super Bowl champs gonna do whose we are not the Super Bowl champions? He goes the two thousand eight Steelers they're the Super Bowl champions. And they were a helluva team were the two thousand nine Steelers. A listen give the guy credit. That's a great way to think about it. You did nothing. You're in the history books for what you did. Now, we're playing today. I think Toronto in their own minds are going to be able to say, none of that matters. Because we've got a guy the point garner. The promised land. And they just picked up a guy Gasol who maybe isn't as good as he was certainly but still has a lot of experience of being on teams that do better in the playoffs back when he was with Memphis. So big question. More from walkie is plow experience NBA history houses, and we could even say go and stay is an exception because they had the year with Mark Jackson where they lose in the first round or segment can't remember. But I think it was the first, but they made but walk me the playoffs is your they made the playoffs loss in seven games to Boston without Gordon Hayward or Kyrie Irving..

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