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We know that it takes a marriage of intelligence and heart to create lasting value for our clients. It's about having the right ideas, of course, but also about having one of the most accomplished systems. And an unrivaled network of global experts. That's why at UBS, we pride ourselves on thinking smarter to make a real difference. Tune in to the bulletin with UBS every week for the latest insights and opinions from UBS all around the world. Yesterday, supporters of Pakistan's prime minister Imran Khan arrived in the capital Islamabad in their thousands, responded to Khan's call for a show of support in advance of Monday's parliamentary vote of no confidence in the leader. Well, I'm joined now by the South Asian politics expert and research associate at psoas, South Asia institute, ayesha sadika Aisha. Thanks very much for joining us. I understand that the media were banned from what Khan had built as a million man march. Do we know if the figures reached that target? Well, firstly, it wasn't a million people because the parade ground where they'd gathered. Can only accommodate about 20 to 30,000 people. And it's interesting that the band, the order to ban came from Khan himself, because Khan is the government. The basically he only allowed paksan television, corporation, which is the official government television channel to cover the event and no other private channel to cover it. Perhaps the reason for doing that is that because he's the government, they can firstly say whatever he wants to say. Without any commentary, any independent commentary, which you would see on a private channel. And secondly, because BTV parks and television corporations outreach is the largest in the country. So he was trying to benefit from it to spread his message around the country and the world, of course. So what's behind this no confidence move? Political opposition and to certain level a lot of people ordinary people are pretty tired of Imran Khan. They want to see his back. I mean, it's three and a half years. He has changed Pakistan's politics, he's abusive, his I mean, he has these very fascist tendencies in him. He accuses people without managing to prove anything. He's accused his political opposition of corruption, but in three and a half years not brought any case against them. Not prove any case against them. Economies doing bad people are suffering inflation has gone up. So the number of reasons. But I think more important is that in Pakistan's Pakistan's realities it's powerful military. And what he is done is kind of seems to have rubbed the military the wrong way. That they also want to see his back. And are there defectors from his own party, too? Well, the problem of Pakistan's election electoral politics is that it's based on electors. Electable can switch sides and because he has become unpopular among the people that of course puts pressure on the constituents and constituency politics on members of his own party and because they have been unable to deliver and so unpopular. So there has been such discomfort in the country. Within his party, that it is made, that's one factor. The other is that because these are electable, which means that they can be persuaded by force or. Bribed into changing sites, therefore some of the back benches has been a whole politics around. Political opposition and the military also involved in kind of convincing or pressuring his members of his party to shift to other parties. And finally, his Khan likely to lose this vote, and if so, what's the timeline for proceedings? You know, actually it's a very simple method of really. It's a simple method of political opposition or members of any party, including his party, can do that. Would put a petition to the writing to the speaker of the National Assembly. And then he calls for a session and there is a no confidence or confidence. But they have made it very complex. The vote of no confidence vote is already delayed. By several days and it's unconstitutional. Completely. So technically it's a simple method tomorrow or today there is going to be a vote and if you can not opposition can show numbers. They need according to gray point. They have the numbers. Anything right now there is a lot of political politicking, which is going on around those numbers. But if they can, then Han becomes gets DCT. What I've heard is that in that situation, the two scenarios which are one can think of, one is that Hans get deseeded and he's replaced by another member of his own party, another leader and PTI his party parks are, is allowed to then completed stump, which means another 6 months to a year. The other is what the political opposition wants is early elections. That's what we are looking at. They demand that another three to 6 months. Next elections are held and the PGA entirely get rid of PTI. The party and the leader. So let's see what happens how the matter is negotiated in the next 24 hours. Thank you very much indeed. That's Aisha sadiqa there. Now, here's what else we're keeping an eye on today. Russian and Ukrainian.

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