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Your work and like you and me going to a new country and then I do your own history with me. You've been a do you want to get you and me want to do the two you ain't a do you wanna get blinky with me how do you feel about something. Awesome. Any time of day for me? Can you remember what I'm gonna say. Don't you know anything. That's hard and I'm looking for some action but like make jagged said I can't get no satisfaction the girl don't have a rhyme, but none of them want to get with me. My Friends are fresh and I'm looking up your way up with a low nigga. At the other you're gonna ball have a drink that's not no names when they know that I'm a star till I got a chance to go to the other side I can't Tina. I asked the guy why you suffer like step funky told me what I'm saying. This brother genius secret on how to get more chicks but a little glass and the girls are so real quick. Alcohol or have a danger a couple of slippers just love posting it. When he had the bag and then he lifted his ball and he looked at me and did the wild thing on my leg. Before he reminds my man up but now all the boulders run to my house tonight oh my goodness gracious break it down for him. She's been hot. My name is Gina. I thought you'd be good to go with a little funky on my game. Like a drink I said come here I go get it and a couple of slips we go let them live wait till I get to my crib and everything went well as planned. What you gotta stretch it was a big old mess seen I was a man so I flew her mouth. I don't mess around with no Oscar Wilde. You must be sure that your color is beautiful but the funky told me now you know what I'm saying y'all ain't no grand with a man who's rocking again. I was too late.

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