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Like it like it anymore? Like any moment she is gonna be airborne like she is. She is there like, Oh, my in my my point, and that is not just a joke, but that The woman who plays Daphne Velma. She is really good with her facial expressions. She doesn't need to say anything with her with words or dialogue, because, as he's describing how to play Connect four or battleship, Um she is looking at him like I felt like I was watching a shuttle launch. I could she? Oh, she was moments from levitating and I was like, Wow, this is hot like I got to give them credit. This is some Cinemax at 2 A.m. off the horse. How? So? That was good. Go back now. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Um, but again, I just I can't Colin put the finger on what he was what was missing for him? I still don't know why I don't capital, love it. Yeah. Yeah. Now, uh, yeah. We just got a tweet from Miss Fletcher. Completed Episode four and I'm on Lee sticking with it to see how the story line gets, too. Episode six. Otherwise I, too, find it a little So okay, good. She's going with that. Maybe she feels like Colin and Phil Jones. Unpaid researcher Phil Jones also agrees with Call My husband. That it's stretched out like taffy that the plot is just stretched. So I don't know. Maybe then with that, I wonder how dawn I wonder how you'll deal with it. I'm watching sex and the city right now. Okay. Okay. Thank you. So, Lex, are you just going to sit down and binge? All of that? I'm hoping to That's okay. But I probably for the show need to take it. Peace symbols, symbols. There's nothing left for the sake of the show. Can you nibble it, please? Just Yeah, And I can't believe I just said that That was disgusting. Anyway, Dawn when we come back, Thank you for saying that Because I I want to check. We want to check on your sex and the city progress. May we do that? Oh, sure. Yeah, OK, uh, because dawn is watching sex and the city for the first time, her impressions Huh? Takeaways when we return Another lorry and Julia moment. Lupin Lugo. Yeah, I I've watched one. Did you like it? I did a lot. Yeah,.

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