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To keyarena or a new six hundred million dollar arena in soto next month the seattle city council receives a memo of understanding from the oath view group outlining the key arena renovation but chris hanson pseudo arena group hasn't been idle and wec president gerald anchors should map out it was incredible you need that there has a team came down from our commitment met with us and talk about the knees that they need in order to make sure that we secure those jobs consul members meantime are looking at a number of factors on the key arena project first and foremost transportation councilmember sally bagshaw this is a regional asset more people are going to be coming so we must address the congestion the council select committee on arenas meets again september 18th pete combs komo news us congress member who's district in kluge the naval in submarine bases of kits have county hopes aggressive diplomacy will spare his constituents from armed conflict with north korea come us corwin haeck has more representative derek kilmer sixth congressional district spans the bremerton shipyards and the nuclear submarine base at bangar he's anxious to ensure none of the personnel there are call two active duty in the western pacific food situation in north korea is incredibly by incendiary m complex i'm increasingly of the belief that those sorts of situations don't win themselves to policymaking by one hundred forty characters on twitter that reference to president trump's social media habits leads to thaw lots about how the us could open up its entire foreign policy toolbox through diplomacy and through engaging those throughout that region so the north korea doesn't present a threat either to western washington nor frankly youtube japan and south korea either the key to that effort is china the one nation kilmer says has enough influence to try to bring north korea to the table and have some semblance of phased denuclearization corwin haeck komo news one week to go until the eclipse sank come us charlie harger tells us that there's so much excitement about that just after ten monday morning it's time for the.

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