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News. Arizona's news station. KTAR news on ninety two three FM. Bruce St James and Pamela Hughes. So we've got Tempe, Pamela. Announcing that they are going to begin laying track along mill avenue for a new streetcar not to be confused with Phoenix light rail when you see street card, I actually think of like San Francisco like, you know, you hop on the streetcar, and is that what they're doing. Or is it more of a light rail kind of thing? I if I understand it correctly the difference between light rail and streetcar is merely what you choose to call it. That's clear. It's like the difference between an automobile in a car or a vehicle. But I mean, do you understand like when I think of when the is a streetcar streetcar named desire? Yes, you think of you think of San Francisco anyway, not that that's important to this discussion. But I'm trying to like at least paint a visual picture for folks. Driving in their cars right now because here in Phoenix, we are kind of married to our cars and are huge fans of public transportation. The fact nobody rides a lot of it in Tempe is getting a variety of different funds and grants and partnerships to come up with the two hundred million dollar streak card other streetcar is going to run three miles. It's going to loop through downtown Tempe right around the university their head up Rio Solano Parkway over to Apache boulevard and down ash avenue. Okay. Hoping to ease. Some traffic congestion taking up lanes. For streetcars Snorrasson, some more development. Yes. Because everyone's going to come to get on the end of the streetcar and write it through the rest of the it's it's you love this idea. Don't you? It's asinine. It's just as asinine as the as the light rail argument, and I have a fundamental argument for this condiment. Condiment? Argument whatever you wanna call light rail, streetcar, or whatever you want to refer to it as. Trains of which these are all fit into the can we acknowledged during the train category. Family of vehicles trains. I think totally then. Schratt going along. We need to point b they can't go wherever you want. Eighteen ninety eight thousand nine hundred ninety year eighteen ninety five how was that year? Awesome for I gotta tell you. They were they were chugging along. And and you know, what people were using trains to get everywhere. As a matter of fact might have been the only way to get anywhere, and then we evolved, and then we moved forward we invented things. Like, oh, the automobile automobiles airplanes a variety of other ways to get around that don't involve trains..

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