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Joining me now first-class class. Father Dr Marks Eagle Welcome to First Class Fatherhood Oh. Really good to be here. Love being a father one of my favorite things in the world. All right. Let's start here. Then how many kids do you have and how old are they? So listen, I, have three kids and actually a lot of the stories in my book covert the politics of fear of the power of science have to do with kids because I learned about fear from being a father and about. About how to conquer fear and what you see and keep in mind and you know this better than anyone better than me. That things are dilated in children's brains, and so if you show them courage, it amplifies their response especially when the very little. If you show them fear, it amplifies their response. I remember when my oldest son was about two or three years old, we were hiking in a volcano in Hawaii this is in my book by the way and all of a sudden at a time of dusk when everybody was tired, we couldn't find the path back and we heard a dog barking in the distance and my son got shook up because we were shook up. And we and he was afraid of dogs for years after that same same idea with my daughter around the time that she broke her leg when she was very little she was in a bath with bubbles bath made bubbles and she was afraid of the noise for a while. So as parents, we really have to watch it because fear is the most powerful emotion human brain and it overrides reason every single time we think that we're reason oriented that we can reason through things. We think that we can come out the other side by thinking things through. Case it's always emotions we can battle the emotion of fear with courage with happiness with laughter with love we can't battling with reason, and that's what we're having. That's the problem we're having right now with covert. While very well said the doctor and you know what going along with that too I think a lot of our limited beliefs about ourselves implanted more kids to where we think we can't be something more than what we are and I think sometimes, if the wrong seed is planted in a kid, he may never think he'd get out something because he's been told that and I think that that puts a limit on where he thinks he can go in life and I think that's similar to so the fear does to these kids. Coach so true and we're hitting that right now with Cova if you tell your kids, it has to be online only or you tell them you know this is what safe and you're not right about that. It's GonNa stay with them a long time to come kids have much greater potential than we do. I told this story the other day about how my youngest son is now fifteen. was writing off to high school because high school reopened. Then he was happy to go on the bus with his friends smiling I'm nervous fine of worried is there covert. There is there covert there. But what the key thing was the bus, the friends, the school kids are not as afraid as we are. Naturally, we teach them fear and we have to not. Yeah. Yeah very well said and. You know Thanksgiving and the holidays are right around the corner here and we're hearing certain states telling us don't have you normal family gatherings have a limited amount of people at the Thanksgiving table this year and stuff like that. What would you suggest for families? Should they limit their holiday traditions this year do you plan to Limit Your holiday conditions? How should families go about it this year? I think that we have to learn public health measures and then they wouldn't be superimposed on US I. Forgot to add when I was talking about fear. You know what happens if you give into fear, the government then uses the fear to control you or the media uses the fear to create ratings, which then causes the government to control your they keep taking. A bow every time they constrict your liberty. So I'm all for Thanksgiving but why don't we do it in responsible ways? Why does it have to be either or either either I walk around with a mask like a mummy or I say a mask is ridiculous and I don't where it at all how come you're either distancing or you're in or you're in a crowd. Can't there be a middle ground where you obey the basic ideas of how not to spread viruses while at the same time getting together whether it's outside whether it's a heated backyard whether it's inside but with good ventilation with distancing I'm all for Thanksgiving I think the more of these traditions we give up the worst we're gonNA end up doing. Very well said and I think even as a power, you talk about fear that's the way we used to try to control our kids. If we don't want them to do something, we try to give fear to to to make them obey we're telling them to do and I. think that's what we're seeing now where being scared and then shamed into behaving in certain ways and you're seeing it all of their you talking about masks now. We hear these is their medical proof to back up the fact that masks will prevent this corona virus and is it safe for kids to be wearing these masks all day long in school? Well. So here's my answer to that. We only have week masks science. We don't have large amount of it..

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