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The yellow silk lacing that had a coach that rustled when we held them up to study them daily lady stuck an enormous brassiere on top of his head it flopped over his ears like two huge cones he tied it under his chin the last the skinny that of his overalls shirts shoes and socks out of the well we had to choose from he chose a gray Shantung dress that looked like Anna Anderson a multi layered lace net petticoat over the dress flattered silk stockings up his arms like long gloves a string of glass beads that swung do is middle I pulled the Queen Victoria velvet over my jeans pulled a floppy boned corset over the dress don the ostrich plumed hat and tied the yellow silk Cape around my neck for finalists act which shows high heel pumps mine with a jeweled buckles his with bows reeking of mothballs in the floral perfume we climb down the ladder rung by rung careful I warned him sweetly don't you fall and we went through the barn out the back with the cows came in out into the long summer twilight sky and grasses during the same shade of yellow is the Cape on my shoulders yellow coolies rose around us leading us away from the house out toward the galley the alkali plane the long dark shadow of the mountain hi owns we lived at our skirts over cal pies drag them through harsh yellow.

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