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Security's getting tighter and all 50 state capitals and in Washington, D C three days before President elect Joe Biden takes the oath of office. In Washington. General Daniel are Haakenson is the National Guard Bureau chief will be in a really good position where we get all 25,000 here and the lead federal agency. They've got a great plan for the inauguration, and we're looking for, you know, safe and peaceful event. Security is tied after the January 6th violence of the U. S. Capitol. Law enforcement continues to investigate the events of that day, and ABC chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas says sources of pointing to a man Dominic Pa's Ola, who was a key Was smashing a window to get into the capital. A witness has come forward, claiming to have had a conversation with Pa's Ulla and other members of the group that stormed the capital. The witness says they discuss help. Azula and others allegedly went to the capital and would have killed Speaker Pelosi in vice president Pence if they had been given a chance. He bided administration will begin with the U. S approaching 400,000 deaths from Cove in 19, and there's criticism of the vaccination process, says ABC. Serene shock humanitarian leaders like and Lee growing frustrated. Going from Developing countries back to working here. It's like, Oh, this'll feels mill here. Least dresses. Even mega sites will not save us without critical shipments and support on site. We'll have enough supply to be able to provide at least until Wednesday, and then they play a day by day. That's the reality of many mega sites around the country even abroad. The BBC reporting Fizer shortages in both Europe and Canada. Phil Specter is dead. The music producer came to prominence for his production technique dubbed the Wall of Sound. He was serving a 19 years to life prison sentence in California for the shooting death of actress Lana Clarkson. State Department of Corrections said the 80 year old died of natural causes You're listening to ABC News. Now here's what's happening around the.

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