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Really special. How do i get over there not like this. What's his what's his deal. Master don berry. He's gonna stab at some point. Oh right you have to figure out how to run. I think does like all the damage right. Yeah it's not good enough. Maybe he'll just leave. Where's he going. Oh he just ran up there. Knife me Gotcha so you're what a run is. Yeah run run. Run would be fun. Is that flow tattoo of that way. I think it's called like evil eye or something. It looks like Like mike was asking with right. We make our way through just some material items. Think the materials that were the big ones where magic counter and mega all pretty cool. Meet up back with everyone after splitting away as last time and everyone has a little bit of an item to give you which was pretty cool except uv tries to hold onto. Here's which i thought it was just a nice cute. Little like throwback to like her stealing your material and all that stuff is just very very fun little side versus like you know what i found it so give that back to me. After you're done with it this is the center of the planet bucking called it. I said it was hollow cloud luck. so yes. that's the different paths down. When you come up that affects items. They quebec with sick. A cloud found this on the way sick cloud. I'm down this hold onto this. Why by the way you didn't you find something now. All right here cloud socks. But i'm the one who found it so you better give it back to me when you're done with it like if not a one time use so after we get our items from everyone. You're allowed to build a party. I went with dream team. V one cloud. Kate seth barrett because vcu is unavailable after we choose our party. Cloud says something very fun. Which i think is probably a more conic line from the game. Because i've definitely heard it before. Let's get going now not yet. Let's get going right everyone. Let's mosey there's actually a really interesting translation explanation for this for let's mosey. Yeah why i'll just have you read the article but basically that's the thing we can do now. You can send me article at least but to summarize really quickly in the japanese version. One of the things. That doesn't come through very well with the translation is after cloud like finds himself in the livestream in realizes like kind of who he is and all that stuff the way he speaks changes himself enough. Zak yeah exactly. Yeah.

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