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In the Super Bowl. Rob woodfork WTO sports. It's 8 47. Russia has been getting a taste of its own medicine for the last couple of days. Well, there's no confirmation from Ukraine. It's believed their special operation forces attacked several critical locations inside Russia in recent days, details now from WTO P national security correspondent JJ green. If you ask Ukrainian military officials, if they were behind the attacks, they're not going to answer you. This is what they're going to say. We are happy that things begin to happen in Russia. Yuri sack in adviser to Ukraine's minister of defense. He says, that's not the only thing that's happening. We are killing now on average 500 Russian soldiers a day. That's very important because it shows Russia's struggling and according to Sean Turner. Former head of the communications office and the director of national intelligence office, it's also a telling sign about Russia's situation. We have to remember also that it's winter and Ukraine, but it's also winter in Russia. And Russian troops are experiencing some pretty serious difficulties. WTU national security correspondent JJ green. Among the other top stories we're working for you on WTO P now, Donald Trump's company has been convicted of tax fraud. We'll have a special report in just minutes. And results are flowing in tonight from Georgia in the state's crucial Senate runoff race. Keep it here on WTO for full stories in the details in the minutes ahead. Do you have a heating and air emergency? If so, you need HAC 9-1-1. Call 301-939-0499, or visit our website, a three AC 9-1-1 dot com, backslash D.C. for service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The chili temperatures are setting in now, and it's not even winter yet. Call HVAC 9-1-1 before you left out Nicole. Don't let your house turn into an ice box. Keep your home warm all season long with a heating and air experts from HAC 9-1-1.

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