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Welcome to be Oh F- lives. . Today we are talking to Lulu Kennedy, , the Godmother of British fashion who last night celebrated the twentieth year of Fashion East, , the initiative that she started two decades ago, , which is probably had. . As much impact on the course British faction as. . The Great Fashion Colleges <hes>. . It's like a it's what what do they call it fan baseball. . You have the team that produces the you know shapes <hes> young players that can go on into the major leagues. . Have a sort of. . Home team will feel seat or something like that. . Anyway. . Let's. . Kind. Of . thing. . That's what fashion aces so so great to talk you congratulations. . Anki. Yeah. . . Mid Twenty S. . What did that Guy Twenty years you twelve when you started doing? ? It's actually quite it's quite shocking in a way and. . Put off to the last minute kind of even dealing with it. . Because it's just been, , you know one of these tons. . But exhibit. . A reminds me when I turned fifty I, , just Kinda put it to the back of my mind is just. . Beginning. . I think that's where Jiang otherwise you might feel at wellness under pressure I just didn't really want that. . But it seems to me that that that. . You'll ability to deal with. . Pressure and the overwhelming elements of the fashion world. . A, , I've been the things that you've to me of. . Its voice felt like an incredibly stable nurturing. . Supportive. . person in the in the fashion world and and I. . Often thought you haven't really had the do that you should have had been I I feel trumpets should've been blown a lot longer and harder for you monitor it yet I'm. . Okay. . Thank you. . I'm always much happier just lacking around in the shadows in the background, , I'm. . Yeah. . I'm not really I don't I bring front of House I'm putting on the talent the talent the focus is like, , of course it's lovely very kind words people saying I'm writing. . As we turned twenty and I really appreciate it. . But I I'd WanNa <unk> make about me. . The. . Yes pretty incredible. . The, , rest of the world can do that. . In twenty years ago, , tell me about how fashiony started what <unk>? ? What was the original concept on? ? What were you responding to at that time? ? So I just moved back to the from Naples and I was working not gotta remember line and was. . Just. . Chatting to this guy at turns out here insists incredible alantic <unk> Lane Katrina Bryan he's not coming on. . Help. . Me Decide what to do that this incredible space <unk> I was just how cools after one day I wanted to come back lucky I did back on to you. . And that was very typical to make I was kind of not really sure to I wanted to stay. . To be honest I had no fashion background training navin experienced doing <unk> but he got any house was staying in Renton renting his big industrial experts warehouses for fashion <unk> I I'm <unk> seminal. . United line-up. . Them fully gowned tonight. . That was my first door adult. . Yeah. . Mind violent mind was blown and I. . I was living in shortage <unk> gotten all these incredible characters. . <hes>. . Because of the time it was <unk> MT waistline <unk>. . It's incredible creativity because with. . So. . There are laws nine these incredible fashion designers but without any real kind of context. . I just need you. . I need and. . So has the jazz and people who in France. . Could you could you hustle warehouse and that is honestly how it started weakening to my boss knock on his door hang my friends talented. . You'll love. . Could we just borrow warehouse show Katie Grand Styling and he was like he's Already know, , but she's always the punch. . Very Fun. . Honestly, , this is my very naive very on A. . Without a plan kind of just wondering my. . I wanted to be doing, , which was helping my friends, , and that is honesty how it started in sounds like making it up, , but it just started from. . Knock, , on the door. Hey, . , can I borrow house an anti loved it. So . much the fashion we helped lint. . He was lying these kids were amazing and I want to give something back. . This is a big property owner developer. . It's very much as it was when you put. . It. . Just became his pet project. . It was enough to do to give back I. . Guess you just don't really find patrons.

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