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Putting speed on the field to defend the sprit. What a theme that negate speed is straight ahead power? And I'm surprised that more teams haven't gone back to an old school approach because when you have these two hundred and fifteen hundred twenty pound linebackers. That aren't used to taking in on lead blocks now used to take an old fullbacks been able to get off blocks from climate to the second level it is a tremendous advantage. It is also a reason why the running game is beginning to come back to prominence in the national football league. You're seeing these running backs. Have these big games because the team's realize we can run run the little guys off to feel and they're having success and those teams that you're talking about big in run game big in play action. which is why they're really really successful? Two things I'll add to that I am interested to see that the Patriots are on that list and Tom Brady. It's beds a Lotta time under center. But they have not had the success in the run game that they've had they certainly had last year Sony Michelle Twenty one carries on seventy four yards and he had sixteen yard. Carry in there. So you take out. It's twenty carries for fifty eight yards the yards per attempt hamptons down a little a lot lower than I'm sure they'd like it to be and then on the flip side the browns. What did you love about what pretty kitchens was doing with the browns right getting so it's funny? We had that conversation the comma. We're ready kitchens. He was getting twelve and thirteen personnel. Putting all the guys on the field and then this year he goes away from it because he got acute old school football continues to work in the national football. I just surprised more teams aren't doing but the browns probably the most successful rushing attack against the Patriots. It's in this shop. Goes for one thirty one. If he doesn't turn it over there in much better shape on those first This two of those first three drives so that that's an interesting point to make and WANNA follow. Yep let's keep moving here boys Eagles they run through the bills to donate the side. I went to the gone whence hits it off again and one got the little picking up a first down for thirty three at seven. Twenty four twenty eight rushing touchdown Mile San breaks awful live side and he outwards everybody leaving all the Blue Shirt Chinnaswamy for his first. NFL touch do have been waiting for that to happen but east so explosive. At this time he hit a whole Harry and yeah. This is a team. That's going on on the road. beat up the packers physically just went on the road and beat up the buffalo bills and we think about difference makers will often talk about quarterbacks. Pass rushers you know is a difference maker for this. Eagles team theme. Is Jason. Kelsey the center when you watch all their big plays into screen game all the different things he can do getting to the second level. He took at Oliver and washed him. Down the line of scrimmage about twelve of yards on one running play I mean he is phenomenal. And he's Kinda got it makes that whole thing. Go Up Front. Look when I when I think about the eagles I I think one Orlando skander. Caverns comments come. I think galvanizes squad to believe Doug Peterson ability to his decision to recommit to. The running game helps off-stump Look I love Carson Winston. I think Carl winces phenomenal. I think he has the potential to be an outstanding quarterback in this league. And we've seen him play at a high level but they have to take some of the pressure off of him. I think. Think for so. Long coaches get enamored with quarterbacks. And they WANNA give them more and sometimes you need to give them less when they run the football and they're committed to running the ball. He plays better. He may not put up the big numbers that the fantasy geeks like however he's efficient he's effective and really. This team plays better because they also mask the deficiencies of the defense by playing a little more possession oriented to best games eagles who played all season. They run the heck out of the ball. beat the packers at Lambeau and here beat the bills in buffalo run game travels absolutely all right. What do you got next book man with the Colts Ugly Winds still count here? It is snap all down tickets up. It's on its is way past the distance. The fifty greatest sit through the whole slater thirteen put twenty two seconds to look. This is a terrific example apple of the Indianapolis Colts and why believe they're better version of the team then to one that we saw last year with Andrew Luck they are more balanced team. They have the running game working. They have a defense as they can get stops in January turnovers and Jacoby percent is really playing every will as a game manager now. That's not a disrespectful term towards them but I think what he does best. He understands how to insert himself in and out of the game based on what they needed. We saw at the end when they needed to drive he made more plays. We saw athleticism. Step Up. We I saw him make plays from the pocket. He is exactly what they need. Now how far can they go plan this way. I don't know but I do know. They're very efficient effective team and they're one of those teams they make you beat them in most teams. Don't have the ability to do so guys I'm looking at this game. Real quick and flip it over to the Denver Broncos they are rushing the passer better. I know JOE FLACCO is upset. They weren't more aggressive and I tend to agree with Joe flacco on that one but the other takeaway for me on the Denver side Keep an eye on this one Derek Wolfe Fatou sacks and from the inside. He's a name I've heard kind of buzzing around some of these trade circle so we'll see maybe by the time this comes out he he'd be one that has been dealt But I would definitely only keep an eye on that name as somebody that teams are looking at. Yeah it's an interesting one to watch for Jacoby. said it comes off a game. Where he had four touchdown passes passes in a win and then bounces back? This wasn't as impressive. But I will take the throw he made to get away. Miller over the four touchdown performance wins Games. I did it is what wins the game. You need your quarterback to be able to deliver when it matters and he was able to make a play when they really needed it. No doubt all right. Let's get to our last one here. There's a couple of errands you gotTA worry about. What the packers shotgun? William's privacy responsible Jimmy Grain Slot right side snap. Rockers is looking pump fakes now still under pressure pulls it right side of the end zone. Thanks Joe this is the end. So Morris Yeah Yeah that was a ridiculous throw by Aaron Rodgers. One of the best. You'll ever see escaping and just flipping it almost like a shortstop stop deepen the whole kind of submarine that thing. Ross the diamond It was beautiful but Aaron Rodgers we know what he could bring to the table. Now you get Aaron Jones Rolling and getting Aaron Jones Rolling in the passing passing game in this one was huge. They were able to split him out. I do those charger games. I see how they use Austin Equa in the passing game and this was the literally the exact same play awesome. Equa hit a home run on the Tennessee. Titans last week they hit a home. Run on this one They're able to find out it was man coverage and once they had a linebacker and everything else cleared away Double Move See Zia later. That is a huge advantage. When you can find that match up with a guy like Aaron Jones so I'll say that I had an initial reaction Kinda like Matt Leflore but like like? Do you remember home alone when Macaulay can put the aftershave on for the first time on his face. Yup I mean. That's how I felt how many quarterbacks around the League wouldn't even just Ed let me just toss out as running out of balance wouldn't even try to keep that one in it was a remarkable throws even better catch But I think what we're seeing from the Green Bay packers. We're seeing male floors influence on this offense. We're seeing running backs more involved and I say this having watched it back as for years ozzy because I have a close tie hi there they never utilized runningback like some teams like in New England. Patriots have utilized running backs in the passing game. But now we're seeing them in Aaron Jones. One hundred did it. Fifty nine receiving yards in two touchdown receptions. This is the kind of IMPAC that changes the way defense. Coordinators have to defend your office when you have a running Baghdad can be split out there and use as another wide receiver. who also can give you the ability to run the ball and get those dirty ours? It changes the way they have to defend the the packers and is really going to open up. Feel for Aaron Rodgers. When you look at this team just not Davante? Adams is coming back and when he comes back he's going to have more room to operate rate than ever. I like the way they're trending the only concern I have about them. I really don't know how good their defense is. Defense is opportunistic. But it's not dominant and I wanted to in these matchups as we get into the playoffs. Forty niners and saints. Can they go toe to toe with the heavyweight and win with their defense. General Alexander turned not to be a pretty good corner Yeah he's really good. He's a great player. Yeah he's been he's been really good layer forms tonight. She's absolutely really good player. The one thing the one the thing I would just say as an underlying concern for the packers and we'll see what happens going for but giving up five Saxon game and some of those throws including when we played The highlight throw by Rogers. Chrissy was under a lot of heat in that game. And that's something that Obviously did not happen the week before. The raiders don't have much of a pass rush and he was clean This is the the genius and the beauty of Aaron Rodgers. When you don't play great upfront you can cover a lot of that stuff up but that was just one thing and I'm like okay? We'll see if we'll keep an eye on that on pass protection wise. How they are going forward? They play the chargers this week. Who can rush passer a little bit so interesting to see how that goes by? Tre and BA Laga both mistime in this game at different points in the game and this.

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