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I was laughing with a friend of mine from the Kimmel show some some years ago about insults and how two hundred years ago the great. You know now we just tell you, you know, your mom's pussy stinks every call you a Laker half a fag or whatever. Put back then the greatest insult you could give to guy was I said, good day. Actually wished him well. One more time. The greatest laugh in the face saying, have a good day one more time a little bit. They were that. They were that wrapped up in themselves and yet. And yet when you stepped into the the when you stepped into the parlor, when you know yet you had your dinner party and then the women would go off in the one part of the house and the men would go off and the other part of the house. Men were alone smoking. You would pull it a chamber pot out of the wall and your houses and just take a leak right there realize, yes, I like that. Yeah, but never number two. Poor form? Yeah, maybe probably wouldn't wouldn't drop drop your trousers and shit in front of the other gents chamber. Polite thing to do. We don't have to leave the conversation. You just take a leak really quick. Like the garage that you've? Yeah. It is always nice to and I have been guilty that one or two times when I'm taking taking a piss. But if not left the conversation where I'm doing, I'm doing where I'm taking a piss like an Ivy covered wall, but it certain point I go are you? Hi, the Rams got robbed a horrible traffic, and then he turned back around and stare at my own. Piss. Very unique to guys over the shoulder. I'm staying at conversely guys, if we're in a restaurant and we gotta take a leak of the same time. You're that. There's that pause when you both gonna get yourself settled. You're then going to start talking to me if I know you if I don't know you. I won't say anything and one of my bigger beefs with the restaurant or whatever the public places I've just a really. I was just a really nice restaurant or. Oh, I, you know, when I was I was at a really nice spa yesterday. I got the at a gift certificate to use up at a spun. I went and used it up and a couple of things first off. Have you ever gotten a professional massage? Yeah, it's it's a running because they always do that thing where they go, you're going there. You go in there to relax and unwind, but you're, you probably can't shut your mind off it. I have to get them where it's like an hour and a half like the first forty five minutes is just getting settled and then right. And then the next you know, then finally relaxing because they're too short, your fifty minutes and it's right then it's over. Right? So you go little bit longer, but you can. You can you can let go after a certain point? Yeah, right now, do you do you have because I was, here's the problem. You go there to relax. You'll you lie in your belly. You start getting massage and he's starting your nude, a start. Thinking yourself my God, I'm going to get a boner. Yeah. Oh yeah. And then if I get a boner she's gonna tell me to flip over and I'm gonna have a boner nothing, but a sheet on top of me. You do have to do have to kind of take stock. I, I've had that that same thought actually you do have to take stock because I have a massage therapist who. She's very pretty. And so you, you know bought when you're kinda guesstimates that you're about ready to be asked to turn over. You start thinking about like, yes, you know, raping. So that part. So I'm lying there on my belly with the Enya playing in the background, and I'm thinking about my grandmother being raped by Nazis. And I say, this is probably not what you're doing courtesy. No. See, but I there in. It's interesting because I do talk to guys and I think this is part of the creative process. I talked to guys all the time that are always like, why are you doing that? Like, what do you care who knows? Or whatever..

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