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Sort of flip flops after doing really well. I mean, his first pay per view title to fences against Dell Wilkes, the patriot. And I know he's the new guy and wrestling fans like new, but it's not even in the main event. He second from the top underneath Sean and the undertaker, which is kind of crazy because when you think about the SummerSlam main event, undertakers, the champ, Shawn's the referee, Brett beats the champ, becomes the new champ and then he moves down the card and it's the guy who lost the belt and the referee in the main event. Yeah. I can see how Brett would be frustrated with that. Legitimately, couldn't you? Yeah. Yeah, of course. Absolutely. Absolutely. And I'm a big believer that you close the show. If you have a title match, it's your primary title, your big title, like in this situation that WW title, for those guys, you know, it's got to go and last. And I think that issue was more, oh, hell, I don't know, Connie. It was just more, maybe the fact that Vincent had the confidence in Bill Wilkes, the Patriots that read it. And somebody taught me how to not closing with a championship match. And that was offensive to Brett. And I can understand that wholeheartedly. You got to protect your championship no matter what. We fought like hell to protect it on the Montreal screwjob. Yeah, we did. So, you know, what are we changed horses here? Same deal. So there's so many lack of common sense decisions were made. And it didn't sound like The Office of which I was a part of didn't do enough to resurrect this situation. And so then I guess continued to like an open wound on my leg. Hey, by the way, I'm doing today, I'm doing my first hyperbaric treatment on my skin cancer wound on this shit and hopefully it's going to help heal steed up the healing. Good. I'm very excited about getting started and seeing how it's going to work out. So that's a new deal for my cancer treatment. And like I said before and it's been great to get the feedback for the fans. I get a lot of tweets rather on that. Which I really, really appreciate. It's one of your by yourself more often than not as I am. And it's not a poor me deal. I don't need a GoFundMe. I'm okay. But it's just a matter of, you know, getting ahead of the curve a little bit, trying to do things. Because I don't like the news that this thing's going to be at least a year in healing. It's painful to travel. It's painful to not have my third elevated, and sometimes you're on a plane. What you need is this room. So I've been flying in the bulkhead at first class. Because I got more room to stretch out a little bit and get the circulation going back to my leg. And the other thing, Conrad, that would become a big proponent of. Compression socks. Yeah, you've told me about those. Big fan and I was totally against it. I don't want that. You know, John Wayne here. I'll just put a stick in my mouth and buy it. I'll be okay to just pull this air out, Doc. It's just a whole, I'm very hopeful that it's going to help me. So, and if not, it's just going to continue to heal on its own and take a little bit more time, so I see it. So I'm excited about how that might work out for me. And I'll keep you posted. Well, we're pulling for you, Jim, and I'm excited that you're trying something new. Trying a new hold as you once said. Yeah. I love the point you made a moment ago about, boy, we sure did fight like hell to protect the title at Survivor Series in Montreal, but here its second to last, but you might have been on something. When he said, maybe Vincent have a lot of faith and confidence in del Wilkes, because not only does Brett get the win here in September at the in your house show, but after the match, Brett gives the patriot a pile driver, breaks his American flag, chokes him with it, winds up decking pat Patterson as well, Meltzer would say it's hard to figure out after having patriot do a submission job. While he was buried so badly in the post match as well, it almost feels like he's sort of written off as a character, but the next line on raw had set up that it'll be Brent and Davy against patriot invader in a flag match at the next pay per view. So I don't know necessarily that Vince didn't see value in Dale Wilkes, but he certainly didn't think that this was a main event angle or not as important or special as what they're going to close with even in October. Once again, undertaker and Sean. So three months in a row undertaker and Sean are hanging out in the main event and the world title is not going on last. All right. Yeah, it's a head scratcher. Politics. Sean was lobbying John had Vince's ear. And he took

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