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Phone number here's a message from the city of Santa Fe I asked them about a phone number for people who are homeless and the the dorms being being readied for the homeless to live the midtown campus the mayor was with us a little while ago he said up to up to eventually not immediately things take time one hundred and fifty so the city got back to me just now Saintes another words Santa lives business working with their clients because they know they can support them went in hotels otherwise until we have our public facing portals in other words websites shelter regulars need to work with shelter staff on this you need to reach Kyra a trial her name is character what her name was only her phone number her name is carousel your phone number I'm sorry nine five five six six oh three also down nine five five sixty six oh three she's the director of community service for the city of Santa all right once going on it some interest interest demand slightly almost humorous for me national story occasionally I'll go on fox news when they need a liberal on a weekend show and apparently and I and I did watch a bomb shell over the weekend the story of a women aroused by Roger ailes and and bill o'reilly on fox news good movie too that fox is now looking at ways to mitigate down played their legal exposure because of their anchors who called the corona virus a flu and a hoax and even you know went on to say that it was a scam it was a Democratic Party scam like Trish Reagan foxfire Trish Reagan on Friday Laura Ingram also on the hot seat for saying things about corona virus and town team somebody who said she was a great medical doctor and that this this drugs this drug that you work for a malaria quinine offshoot had risen him from the dead or had risen patient from the dead like Lazarus according to her doctor friend of his a pristine just hospital turned out he is not a doctor at the procedures hot the bill he does have admitting rights but she wore AT overstated the case and now fox is looking at how to him in because they see some serious legal exposure essentially for a line Tucker Carlson he wants to have it both ways it's a big deal and yet it's not a big deal Hannity's just handed these just flummoxed because you know he said it was he said it was a hoax for so long and then also the president came out now Hannity's Hannity I mean there are great clips a handy thing it's a hoax and then handy saying I never said it was a hoax he is you know he's he's the doppelganger is he's he's Siamese twin of Donald Trump the fox knows they could be in serious legal liability and financial liability people decide to sit according to the daily Lobo have a side of the daily Lobo in probably twenty years daily Lobo but it you know I liked all of us so let's give some credit daily Lobo says our secretary of state made to lose all over is looking at working on ways to make New Mexico a a male a vote by mail state voted home vote by mail state that our secretary of state is looking into that and fears and she's actually good friends with a lady who founded the entire voted home movement who is from up for I think a former county commissioner up up in the Denver area all right we'll take a break we'll come back we'll talk to Rick Bailey who is president of northern New Mexico college about what's going on in Espanola and we route the county and what he has seen and what's the what's the immediate future for northern New Mexico college Maria Herrera department of workforce connections at two thirty we'll talk about jobs and unemployment insurance every Anna Manzini great actors who is Fran and better call Saul and breaking bad also a great role in hell or high water love that movie do every enemy and seen the along with their friendly Kalut Lisa Lucas are doing an on line a cooking show and of course the every an immense sini the author and actress in the one woman show called the meatball chronic she.

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