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That if you didn't get it from ladies and gentlemen saying my name a thousand times just after the news that was antiwar now until six thirty i'm joined live in the studio by the cofounder of leone and cofounder of london innings very busy man henry dimbleby good morning good morning james how are you i'm really well thank you i am so sorry to have dragged you anticipate into the studio i sort of unawares because when when i spoke to you and i said would you like to come and yes show radio fantastic who was bitterly well them more boyfriend were australian watching cricket will tennis but it's visiting friends and so two of my children decided to come into my bed loss and they were kicking me violently at four in the mornings ash it wasn't that it's boycotting speedily well fantastic i've not have there been so left safe and or with somebody so that that that you know we wouldn't want you leaving children unattended let's talk a little bit about to decide that people could put it in context so cofounder of on and we'll talk about the story in which you in the news today we just kind of interesting one this is a long journey that you've been on isn't it you're fourteen years now i mean we started liam as people do businesses because of the toy fast food argument delicious fried chicken that made you fall asleep and wake up front or cold sandwiches until the competence and we just want to eat something that was that was good and i guess we were sought ahead of the curve then probably would have been better start in about three years later but we've nickel fifty restaurants and hopefully serving food that that that actually tastes great and and does you good but that but it's it's interesting when the the whole sector now is has kind of massively expanded since then and people you know there's it's great to see is unlikely when competition comes in and expands what you're doing and kind of makes it much better place in high street out to eat in east b and and i think in essence this whole revolution with food this this i i space initial obsession by whether it's takeaways and various other things and we do a lot to take away food and some of it is healthy and some of it is not but i think what you started to change this perception of was just because it's quick or easy popping in ubon it.

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