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Welcome back everybody my name is, Tom, Olsen, the. Name of the show is. Also gonna law we played that song, a. Little bit long because we, had. A texture. Ask, us to. Do so, and believe, it, or. Not that's an old Jimmy Buffett album with that, fiddle on there and textured ask us play it some more so we have to do it hey by the way if you. Want to Texas here in the studio the easiest way to do that only way to do is Texas Santa studio is two, one two three two you can text us your shortly legal question or your first name and where you're listening from two to one two three two let's go back to work the next line. Is Mark from Orlando Mark you're on news ninety six five go ahead yeah Hi Go. Ahead are you doing doing? So I'm a landlord and tenant and they pay their rent on time every. Month no. Issues but I have a person that lives on the street where the rental property. Located that's been calling me complaining that you, know late, night partying and all that stuff going on over. There so what am I obligated to do Mark? Legally I don't think you're obligated to do. Anything And let's just say these people called nine one one every day I don't think it's, ever, going, to, have, any, legal ramifications. To you or to your property Mark, now of, course, love, you'd, be, a, good, neighbor and. Hopefully help in any way you can. But. From a legal perspective I, don't, think there's. Any legal. Ramifications to you the? Mark rob Solomon is our landlord tenant attorney you can hang over me and you. Can call. Rob Solomon at her office right now at four zero seven four two three five. Five six one that's the Olsen law group in Orlando, four zero seven four two three five five six. One let's go to Dave and lake Wales Dave? You're on news ninety six five go ahead Hey, how, you, doing great. I've done a situation I bought a. Property. Down in lake Wales last, year, in may Dated a girl from Ohio she's going through the. Board since. She wanted to get out of. How so we looked at property together and we decided to buy together all right what the situation. Was is divorce she was going, to get a, cell, with her husband? And. I would have played. For the house I pay cash for the house which cashier checks Twelve I give twelve thousand the whole house on contract in another forty eight thousand when. It was a ready so to me cashier chase And when she was she was going to get her cellmate she was supposed to give me thirty. Thousand of it back yeah Ed? Should, moved down in December of last year state deal about a month ago she got her settlements she. Moved back though how yeah, I. Asked her if she. Would sign a quick claim to remove or name, from the promptly sent she invested nothing. In it right she said she would and then when. The quick Granadilla was for Senator she refused to sign called Routemaster watched you didn't sign. A quick claim deed that she goes it's my property to. And I'm doing see you in court for half of it. Day Not is not as Dave diamond Dave I get it Hello dave Circuit This story was going in the first ten, seconds Dave So Dave hey. It is what it is Dave you made, a huge let's call it a thirty thousand. Dollar mistake Dave and Chuck it up to experience Dave now could you go to court and convince a judge that she didn't put a diamond? S piece of property and give it back to, you Maybe I'd have to you have to talk to a litigation attorney see if there's. Any similar case, law out there and be prepared to spend ten to fifteen thousand dollars, to get maybe get thirty thousand dollars back Dave so I wish there was, an, easy answer for you day but hey the best thing you can do is number, one convinced her to do this d for you but number two if you. Got to, hold, out a carrot in front. Of, her nose if you. Got a pair five thousand bucks to make, her do this deed Dave you're still way. Head, of the game because if you hire an attorney do this I think you would expect to pay ten or fifteen thousand bucks for it Let's go, to Denise in Vero beach Denise you're on news ninety six five go ahead Hey there I had I just recently was terminated from my employer and I had filed FMLA on Tuesday of, this, week and on. Wednesday. I get a call that my services. Are. No longer needed boy deadly, budget, cuts yeah Well while I'm with that company I did have short, term, and long term. Disability So I'm assuming I probably, cannot file for long-term or any of the disability At this point says my employment, is terminated well I? Don't know the answer that question? These real question is are you legally protected could you sue. Your former employees and I think that the answer to that is probably yes now. Kristie when we refer people to, an employment. Law Turney we're firm to Travis Travis holler field? Is in Orlando Winter Park he's a well-known employment law attorney. And guess what Denise he specializes in women rights women's rights in the workplace he would love to talk to. You about this case because I'm guessing if she one day tells her employees she's. Looking for family medical leave because. She's pregnant and Nick say she gets fired something sounds pretty sketchy about that I would say that Travis would absolutely. Give you a great you know, few minutes. And there would be a high chance Tom like? You said that he would take your case because I agree. With Tom it use it sounds like to us you have a case in employment as another things are protected. Classes you can't hire fire based on sex religion sexual orientation age etc I think. That pregnant women have the same Unprotected classes well yes okay yes and you're. Correct and Travis obviously has been instrumental in the state of Florida on helping, women in your situation so, just, based on those facts it, Travis, hall, of. Field in Winterpark if for some reason you cannot find. Or locate him, feel free, to Email, us, at Tom, at, law tube, and we, will, put you in touch, with, Travis, all, right all. Right now that opens up.

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