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I was I was on the road working and over the last eight months, I've been home. Working from from our office here in Greenville, South Carolina. And it's been this gigantic priorities shift when I came to that realization that all this stuff that you're doing for your family is great. But unless you're there with your family, and allowing them to go through that process with you. What does it really matter? And so it's been a gigantic priorities shift for me and somebody vice is just, you know, going all in this so important, but going all in all areas is the key. And so when I'm home, I wanna be one hundred percent home. There's a big difference between being present being available. The difference between listening to someone listening with your eyes. And so I wanna be fully present all in when I'm at home. And that's what gives me the ability to be fully present. And all in when I'm not at home when I am working. And I think this idea of work life. Balance is an absolute joke to me it's just being able to rescue. Denies the imbalance as quickly as possible in just a Cordingley as quickly as possible and the faster you can recognize those imbalances, and then the faster that you can adjust accordingly. The better off you're going to be. But this idea that one day you're going to finally be unbalanced is absolutely ridiculous. It's just being willing to make those judgments when you do realize that things are at a balance and becomes a huge key. But to me that's been the biggest probably shift, paradigm shift and and priority change in my life. And I think that it may help someone right now that's the candle at both ends to realize. What's really important, very well said great advice. I love the message. You are a first-class father. And I gotta say Tyler Jack, Harris. Thank you so much for giving me a few minutes of your time on first-class bothered, man. Thank you so much and thank you for what you're doing. Because this type of podcast is what's needed. It's it's was needed for those guys that are out there. Just trying to make this thing work. And flying by the they're paying they need direction. And they need to see other influential people that are struggling with the same things. And that are figuring it out and that are able to pass those less than down. It's it's very very admirable thing that you're doing I couldn't appreciate it anymore. Thank you for that. Tyler. I appreciate that. I'll be back with a couple of final thoughts and just a second here. Back to wrap things up here on first-class class. Fatherhood. I gotta give special. Thank you once again to Tyler Jack Harris for giving me a few minutes of his time here that was so cool. Police at me up on Twitter guys drop me that over on Instagram. Let me thought about today's episode. I always love to read your feedback. And then lock it in. We still got more action coming your way here on the podcast tomorrow. I will be joined by a fellow fatherhood podcast. Larry Hagner, the host of the dead edge podcast is going to join me. And then on Friday, we're going to close out the week strong with former navy seal Brandon Cruz. All right. That's all. I got for you guys today. I m Alex lace you have been listening to firstly fatherhood. And please remember guys. We are not babysitters. We are fathers that we're not just fathers. We are first class fathers. Sophie. I open. No. Town.

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