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Could probably do even better. So if this is in fact fact last game he's GonNa put on tape before for the NFL scouts. He would definitely Definitely benefit for having a big game against the see top twenty boise state team all right. Let's get to our interviewed now. We're pleased to be joined by our guest. Today he is Mario Cristobal Christobal coming off a hot twelve title and also once again. His class made a big splash on signing day. Especially going into California California getting the best player in guy. A lot of people think he's the best linebacker out of the west coast in over a decade that's just in flow And joining us as Mario Cristobal Maria. Thanks for coming on the audible today. Appreciate you guys have me all right. So let's let's start with with with Justin flow. You also get Noah's will a lot of people think is probably the those are the two best linebackers in this whole recruiting class. You added to a defense last year. You got cave onto. But oh the top D. Lineman in that recruiting class. I mean you obviously played and coached at Miami Huron Nick Sabin staff at Alabama around a lot of lot of teams. What do you think you built now in terms of the it's just the personnel on defense as it relates to having a real shot to be a team that can win a national title? Well you know. It's been a huge goal from from the beginning to ourselves as a physically imposing team at all levels. Making sure at the line of scrimmage could not get back in control that line of scrimmage making shuttle Linebacker Linebacker knockback tacklers guys complain space but could dump it up inside and guys on the back end. That are very versatile to play man coverage press and off and also I on enough to to play nickel to play center fuel in. Play off the Hashes and we felt That we really kind of got the final pieces to be able to do that with our defense and especially the rights of Avalos and coach Hayward and then You know Salvia and Wilson Dante Williams. I mean I felt like those pieces came in a place. And saying what about the offense of side so just really pleased with the progress of the program but also knowing that what we want to get to we gotta keep foot on the gas. I'm curious when you recruit kids now. I mean. Obviously this is your program now. It's a much different Oregon program than it was Under chip Kelly Marquel Alfred generally tagger. But are these kids. who were you know? Seventeen eighteen years old lake. Do they deserve awareness of Oregon. Go back to those teen like do they think of organ to they still think of the Michael James and Marcus Mariota or is this mostly about which you've established there In your in your first couple the years oh I think they all remember those days. I mean that's not too far back. Nine Oregon's playing in a title four years ago five years ago And so they know all those guys they played with him on the. You know those computer games a lot of these guys who are members of the IEP ducks when they were coming up in southern California. So that's wrong and I think they also see So many great players come in this way and so many of these players are having incident packed. You know it's It's like the player development that we Success we're having with Clare Development shows on shows up on Game Day and In so many different ways you know we're in the coliseum him and all of a sudden McKell rights taken kickoff. Back one hundred yards for a touchdown you know. We're in the in the championship game and may soon cave on typically orders Rican havoc the opponents quarterback and living in the backfield. So again it could examples go on and on and on so I think it's a testament to both things history and also talk. Let me read something to you this from my colleague Matt Liner. I was the heisman trophy winning quarterback. USC This is what he tweeted not long. After the Justin flow announcement Oregon is the new. USC In recruiting on the West Coast back in my day. No one dared to recruit so cal. Now it's open season and Oregon against hunting exclamation point all right. You mentioned a couple of those kids who are southern California kids were already were already having success in the beginnings of their career. They're there no one and I would argue has benefited more from USC. Being down the Oregon ducks so you come in here. You guys talk to these kids you talk to. Their parents should talk to their coaches What is the dynamic like for for what you're able to sell but also Maybe divide you get from kids as it relates to being open to feeling like. Hey I grew up as USC fan. But I wanna go somewhere else now. Well I I mean first and foremost tremendous amount of respect for for Matt and certainly USC program as well as I think the the High School coaching in California the West Coast and then of course we spent so much time in southern California. I think that's the league coach. That's going on there and the population itself. Just it's GonNa dictate the fact that there's GonNa they're going to be great players I mean by the truckload down there so we've invested heavily in there and you know a lot of those guys they they wanna that'd be at a place that's completely. I mean utterly and completely devoted an invest in the student athletes. That's far enough away from home so we're going away for for your college. Today's but close enough to hop on a quick slider. Just drive back home and be able to spend time around family and that's what that's being provided for them and now you know in our second a year we've been here now two years together All that is validated with a conference championship. You know a A rose bowl berth and really close to even reach higher levels in short amount of time. So I think all those things combined with the fact that I our players truly love being here like they the amount of time that they spend together the activities is and professional development opportunities. We provide for them has created a place in the culture that we believe is second none so the players themselves sell it to their former teammates. It's back home and it just seems now I think we if I'm not mistaken we'll have fifty lawyers from California on our roster by the end of By the end of this recruiting cycle. which is it's just kind of you know selling itself will you guys are certainly getting your share of the top players in California If you look at the list you know this is the the two four seven seven list of the top recruits. I mean not a lot of other PAC twelve teams necessarily having that success right. Now you look and you see the Alabama logo the Clemson logo the Georgia logo the Ohio State logo In much has been made obviously the the PAC twelve missing the playoffs several years in a row What is the conference? After due to kind of get back to the days as when kids in California wanted to wanted to stay west. Not necessarily you know. Go across the country to feel like they've got a shot at contending. Well I think we're providing that for them you know. I think it starts with what you bring in. What's your administration doing? I mean to me. Look at the the financials right a beach institution and when you look at Oregon Oregon's wanted out of water in terms of facilities resources investment of the student athlete and then the administration and again. It's you know what I mean when you're when you're eighty serves as a chair of the CFPB committee right it Kinda. It speaks volumes of the level of professionalism. Awesome that's in the building and the commitment to it so Vignette coaching staff and a regiment that really brings a blueprint that has been proven over long periods of time and again a lot of it of course we took from Alabama's and during the real you know the old days at Miami back in the eighties and nineties under Jimmy Johnson and Dennis Erickson. And and you bring all these awesome coaches and they bring in this these this caliber of athletes. Here all of a sudden you're you're scratching your knock on the door of the College Football playoff in win your conference with a young football team. I think that right there is speaking volumes of the direction of it. And that's what's going to help us and in turn the conference take the next step up and becoming a more prominent fixture in the top ten top five teams in the country. You're in you're out having coached in the in the south in the deep South and basically on top OPPA college football In the past there's been a lot of people who said look there's just not enough big people on the West Coast and they point to that as a reason why by the PAC twelve has really struggled. What do you make of that about as if there's just not enough players on the West Coast to produce a national national championship caliber team? I disagree with that I disagree completely. No it's been done before and you know we feel like we're we're we're progressing towards a goal of being You know in that conversation. You're in an ear out and you know if if for whatever if it's down near in your area will you gotta go find them wherever they're at right right. I mean I You know I coach and all these conferences and I feel like we came out this way and all of a sudden you know the outland trophy winner comes from the University of Oregon. Right Right Joe more finalists. Is You know you know. LSU won today. Congratulations to them But we're again are often to line was in that that final title four well. So that blueprint is being you know has become a reality out here and I look a lot of teams down south becoming more spread light and open satish right. I mean it's starting to get more athletes on the field. Spread it out and come bless you know knock you back Mash. Up at the line of scrimmage and so forth so I think this is moving west in a hurry. I think some of the happenings of yesterday's signing date shows that in terms of what we're doing so I mean this thing that the college the football landscape is changing. I believe in our favor and we're going to keep pressing and keeping our foot on the gas until we achieve the level that we're trying to get to having said that the house. How much more difficult would that be if USC was still kind of running at the level maybe it was under the P carroll days where USC was the team that a lot of people looked at us like the powerhouse on the West Coast? It's clearly not been that is not a knock on Clay Hill. It's not but it's that's a reality now. I mean can you have both of those Going or obviously it's made it easier for you to do this but like is it possible to have both if USC is operating operating as a top five program. Well I I just think that. That's a you know a great pro a story program. So I think recruiting I think every year. It's difficult difficult. And I. I remember being at going and it's hard to get players and then I remember being Alabama going man. It's hard to get players so it's every single year signing day and Eddie approaches. You find yourself saying man it. It still is hard. It's so difficult because it's got to be one of the most competitive industries in the country. Right I mean in the NFL NFL. You sit back and your draft there. That's those are the rules in college. Football you gotta go out and you got to you know prove yourself and recruiting and bring home the right calibre caliber of human being sued athletes. So I don't I really don't judge programs and and were some people might perceive they are they. Are I think all these programs TMZ are excellent. I think they all have great things to sell our. We have a very Strict policy with our guys. We don't negative recruit and and we tell our I asked someone negative recruits against you. Don't complain about it. Don't make a big deal about it. Just continue to sell your program and just go to work and I think because of that I think again the I I think. It's just gonNA keep progressing but I don't. I don't see anything being helped or hurt by you. Know the status of any program. Well we want to even though this was a signing heavy interview we want before you go we want to ask you about the Rose Bowl Obviously huge matchup against Wisconsin -sconsin first of all I have you coached in a row before I have never ever coach or mentor Rose Bowl so like the excitement over here is through the roof. It's like one of gratitude one of hey we earned this thing. What an opportunity? These seniors went four and eight. You know the year that we got here the previous year they had gone for ornate. And these guys is I mean. Come on man in and you know who sent me. It's our our regiment in our structures demanding. Now it's about as subtle as a body body slam right now. This is the you have to buy into a yet to work at it and they did all of a sudden they're going to the Rose Bowl and But the goal has to be more than just getting their on our guys understand that and and to achieve our goal rather we gotta be at our best because Wisconsin is an excellent football team. That is very talented very disappointed. Very tough so sue. The excitement around here is crazy. Right now I mean first of all you're GONNA get the chills the first.

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