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Why not light strawberry flavoring okay i don't get that and i don't either now and again strawberry even if even i've read that before and even if i'm the person mike who i'm going to look for the strawberry and do all the taste and things slip around swisher mouse nothing hm maybe this kokkonen observers get in there and overpowered the strawberry i mean cocoa and strawberry and chocolate an strawberry do go together they do but i don't hasten he strawberry and now not at all well and timmy stoute's have always been almost like a snack yeah because they are the very failing um the very rich usually um they are more the word that's kind of my head is molasses e but out okay with i mean but you know they're usually much thicker than let's say a session ideas but this one is so thin that it's much more voted i think a drinkable stout so that i don't know you just don't feel like you just have a small meal after one pint you there i mean there's a fi some stout subtle fake really really just need the viscosity is just rate up there so they're really thinking that sort of looking for not molasses michael eloquently fcc an there's something to be said for the fact that this does have a dark flavor i you know i think that's been some of the theme owner on our little beta podcasts sears that that we've had dark beers like most mostly dark beers yeah and i don't know if that's the byproduct of you know the fact that it will bit colder out in the dark beers are sprouting up a little bit more frequently but also there a little bit more inviting i guess is the word like if i'm going somewhere and they offer me like a like a pills ner in i just walked out of like twenty degree weather and then i have a chocolate milk stout that's also an option it's like acumen and take the talk among sound i need a warm up here it and i think there's also something to be said that it coincides with.

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