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Like yeah these are some like that yeah I remember all those those are the days inn caller thank you for your support my friends thank you for calling Dan and Dan and down here is still inside what he doing Joe all good man how are you hello everyone no I'm doing very well tonight go ahead yeah one comment might cause that Howard was Bob Dylan was Bob Denver's Yambol I'm Gilligan's island really yeah hi Bob I knew Bob Denver so he was he was Gilligan's double that's bully yup all god but he could tell some stories I would love to hear the stories of of him being Gilligan's double that's great yeah yeah Jim Bob gets what color Judy give Jim Bacchus this is what you know I didn't get your now what about you know I'm gonna get that one cool all right and how much I have one for you now who did the voice for Tennessee truck CDO hello I do not know don Adams thank you that's right Jeez that's right ninety nine yeah all sorry about that I accidentally just good job that's my apologies.

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