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On the ground. In miami the life or death stakes of the referendum were terrifyingly clear one of ghettos colleagues had a shotgun aimed at his head by an attacker. Who threatened to blow his brains out and in the spring of nineteen seventy seven. The coalition's headquarters got attacked. Us may throw molotov cocktails through the window of blew up at a desk gray was and i got you know i couldn't here for two days. It was scary. It was flash big noise of it had been something a little more professional. I would have been dead. Ruth shack who'd sponsored the gay rights amendment was besieged with menacing phone calls and worse. I'll never forget going to saks. Fifth avenue going into a dressing room to try something on have woman. Follow me into the dressing room. Put her hand on my chest. Push me against the wall and spit in my face. Obviously i haven't gotten over it yet. The harassment and abuse were particularly intense and miami's cuban-american community jesi monte agudo was a leader in the gay activist. Group latinos richaud pseudomonas latinos for human rights. We were only what they thought. Radio talk show and then we will call them mostly. We're also nasty. I a methodist very awful. One caller said that all gay people should be deported. another said they should be put to death. Montego does friend herb. Rama's heard all those messages. Two days after that broadcast from us died by suicide. Monte agudo says that rama suffered from depression that he can't be certain that those radio collars or what pushed his friend over the edge another activist manohla gomez was much less. Circumspect gomez called her brahmos the first victim of the anita bryant crusade shirley after gomez started to speak out. Someone's had his car on fire. Thirty four year old admitted homosexual and cuban gay rights activists manual gomez. Whose late model car was firebomb last month amid all this violence ethan. Geto was trying to pull together a winning strategy. I he commissioned a survey which showed that the majority of dade county voters did support human rights for gays at the same time. Those voters didn't exactly approve of homosexuality. Lillian federman again. I think even liberals assumed that homosexuality should be always the love. The dared not speak. its name in miami. And all over. America the majority view in nineteen seventy seven with that gay people engaged. Sex acts were extremely distasteful given that ghetto decided to focus the campaign on abstract big picture concepts like justice and equality. One of his ads should a hammer. Chipping away at the bill of rights. They really decided that they would down. Play the whole gay issue which was a terrible mistake. They didn't answer the huge attacks on how gay people would corrupt children. They they sort of wanted to bury all of that and pretend that this was not an attack on gay people that bill of rights pot did look pretty tepid alongside. Save our children's child molester ads but ghetto says he didn't want to dignify that smear with a response. Those things are traps. You don't want to give these stories legs. You wanna try to change the dialogue change. The language changed the focus and the thinking the other things ghetto does acknowledge making one big mistake. His coalition was arguing. The gay people deserve to be protected from discrimination. The problem was they didn't highlight actual cases where gay people had been discriminated against. I never put it ahead in dade county that said you know i live with this man or this woman for forty two years. We took care of each other. We loved each other. We sacrifice each other and when he died. The family wouldn't let me come to the funeral. They would let me have one photograph. This is what we gotta do. You gotta put a human face on this right around the time ethan. Geto got to miami. Bob kunst was breaking away to start his own activist. Group constant think much of ghetto or his campaign terrible terrible clueless. It was so stupid and such a terrible waste of money. And they kept on repeating. That was the worst part of it. All their ads were just the same dribble going after the same scene. Completely ignoring reality. What are you gonna do. The ghetto and const- approaches differed in style as well as substance when the governor of florida came out in support of anita bryant. Ghetto put together a carefully. Worded reply about human rights const called the governor a sexually insecure lame duck. He was very sardonic sarcastic. Hostile i i've read about my sexuality have come out and take them on a cuff word. I talked to people about it. But you know we're trying to win a majority vote on election day in a ballot and this is not the way at this point in time that you reach people that's the way you alienate them. Save our children's goal. In the spring of nineteen seventy seven was to expand its coalition anita bryant waived in israeli flag at a rally for soviet jews and spoken a gathering. And miami's little havana. The cuban people left one enemy to come to a free country. She said it would break my heart if miami became another sodom and gomorrah and you have to leave the prejudice against gay people is pretty diverse across racial and ethnic groups in our society. What was happening in miami reflective of happening at that moment in america. Marvin don is the author of black miami and the twentieth century in the nineteen seventies. He believed that people like him. A straight black man had an obligation to speak up for gay people just as black americans needed as many groups as possible to advocate for them but in nineteen seventy seven done. Didn't see that argument catching on the general view particularly among black people was that gay people choose to be gay. That was as if this is an out group that chooses to be treated the way that they're being treated ethan. Geto had very little time to mount a campaign not nearly enough. He thought to change people's minds and so the coalition basically wrote off the cuban and black votes choosing to invest its resources elsewhere and bob const. He wasn't willing to concede anything. And may nineteen seventy seven. He went to speak to a group of black leaders by the end of that meeting. Those leaders were shouting conscript to leave. Bob kahn love. Bob counts and if you saw him perform you know that he liked himself. He knew how to use his voice. He knew how to use his intelligence to make the case and it was very difficult to dismiss them. Because bob and just walk away he stayed in your face. I stated my case. This is who i am. This is what's going on. Take it or leave it. You don't want to give us our constitutional rights up yours. I can confirm that bob. has a strong personality. I started our interview by asking him to say his name. He then talked for twenty five minutes without stopping pausing. Only to if i was still on the line so yes he can be a lot to take but in nineteen seventy seven. He wasn't saying anything unreasonable. The point he was making the to fight for gay lives. Those lives need to be lived out in. The open is hard to argue with bob..

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