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Characters when he's on stage or television. He was just perfectly cast as Justin and when I just can't see the actor as anybody else, that's when I think that this was really, really a great moment for them in their career. So I really, really liked the way that rainy Harrison acts, the Justin character. I want to bring the mother of them all Sharon 'glass. Really? Yes. I think it is could have been so easy to not lean into the over the top nature of Debbie for fear of making her a parody or mocking her in some way. But the fact that Shang. 'glass plays Debbie balls to the wall. Liberty balls to the wall fills me was was so much joy because it's also pure like it feels like, yes, she would be the over zealous p flag mom who's going to always be super proud of her gay son and knowing can ever tear that down from her much like how it is with Randy Harrison being so believable and so lived in the Justin character. I feel the same way about sharing glass as Debbie. I like sharing blesses acting. I think I won't say a lot. I would say some of the writing for her was not great and she had to really, really work to turn that into something all the more reason why I wanted to appreciate her acting and what she brought to the role. Because, like I said, I think, yeah, someone could been a little weary about going that far like the. Ramone's she wears. Yeah. And be like, do you think it's too much sharing by now? We need more shit on Cape at gun. I love this. She just goes with it. Semi. Second favorite actor is Scott wall. Ted is such a wide character and he just gets even wider and wider in season three and four and Scott will just effortlessly plays all these different facets of Ted. I think this role was really, really well written, and I think that he was able to act it in a way that really, really made me believe in Ted. The weren't too many situations in season one or two where I thought that Scott will was really dropping the ball with the Ted character. And I like that just about every other character I could find something where I thought they either acted at poorly or the just came came across as fake. So I want to continue on this conversation with Scott Lal because Ted is as mentioned in this series. One of my favorite Karg if not my favorite character in the series and so, and I know the aren't gonna go well for him. Coming down the. But I just love Ted because I think what Scott little does with him is maybe in the same approach this sharing with Debbie, is he lives in their neurosis. Oh, well, just like just embraces it wholeheartedly in. He's gonna be wag is gonna be so unsure himself in like you'd be the, of course, the kind of person who's watching porn at work. That's his one is scape from the the dread of everyday nine to five life. Yeah, thinks got little found a way to sort of be the every every gay man I think is how to say of the series. I. Character that could have been so bland on the page compared to some of our other characters. He's not. He's not flashy. He's not outlandish. He finds a way to somewhat grounded in this world. I think that's true to what Scott little does with my third actor was Gail herald. He's a decent actor b. was pretty earliest career at the time, but the writing sometimes gets in the way of his performance, and he sometimes comes off as a bit awkward. But when he's on and the writings on with him, Gil herald can really make me believe in this fictional yet desirable, Brian, Kinney character, and a really like that. It especially compared to Stuart Alan Jones in the UK version. That was a little more of a stretch for me. But gale Harold really portrayed a character that I think I knew at many. Places in my life even as a composite character. So he gets my my number three rank here. I like to bring up our lovable Emmett Peter page. Yes. Good. I'm glad we wanna talk about something that I think has gone back and forth in in the depiction of gay men in the past twenty years. Let's go at that is the is the fem character. You know, a one, I believe in one hand, there's over luck dance to play the character because we believe at stereotyping the game in on the other hand, there are some gay men out there and they should be depicted just as much as any other game end that exists out there. Not all game in our Bill to like, and I love that Peter page wholeheartedly. Just loves what image has given out to the world, and it's so wonderfully lovable. And I think that's all served to what Peter page brings to emit and owning every little swish every little snap every every costume. He has to wear. This Jerry's is just this is and that's okay. And if you have a problem with that, I'll kick your ass and it's wonderful. Yeah, it's interesting because when I look at 'em in the context of the show versus today, he doesn't seem that fam-. That is a lot of the people we know because now I believe queer people are able to further embrace either their femininity or masculinity or neither. And it's so awesome to watch. I recently I was in New York back in July, and I saw this musical that I am. I have been obsessed with, and I am telling every person that I ever who I know live in New Yorker go to visit New York. I say, go and see it. It's a musical called head over heels, which is a musical based off of the sixteenth century novel, and it set to the music of the Gogos and it is just incredible because what you don't quite realize until the show starts is that they are fully living for everybody on the spectrum in this Ouagadougou musical and you have this. Oracle named Piff THEO who's played by the first transgender woman to create a role on Broadway. Peppermint who was on season. Nine of drag, race comes down and Lear lays down the law of no gender here. And it was such an exciting invigorating moment to see on Broadway stage that I think you can't attribute a little bit of that to the way. I think Peter page portrays such an outwardly fem character. Some who was okay with that in their body. Yes. In the first season he had to. Sorts of that out to cult, but. Now embracing it and gained a see that on television where it is not marked, and he is able to stand up for himself without any issue at all. Rocks, my world go Peter page. I left him off my ranking because I knew that you were going to do at least five minutes on him. I got more. So my last one is Jack Wetherall as Vic. He's just consistently on point in for such a minor role. Jack Wetherall really brings victim life every time there. There's never a week seen from him. Some of the writing like we've talked about before is a little bit hokey. Remember in season one, he was just about one foot in the grave. Yeah, dragging himself around. You only wore sweatsuits and things like that. Athar owes and all those indices. Two, he's out at Babylon dancing in. So Jack Wetherall carrying that character through two seasons, and it's a minor character, but he was just very consistent in his delivery. And I like the way that he and sharing less work together would often take some pretty mediocre lines and mediocre scene and just make it sparkle since he went on a date. Fuck. Do I know. Nineteen ninety two be so rusty at squeaks, their energy off of each other was just fantastic. So there's another moment that I wanted to talk about in this recap so that we're doing and I call this a retroactive continuity moment. This is something that I picked up from the west wing weekly, which is where something in present day happens. That kind of contradicts something in the past. And so they retroactively built in continuity to it. Okay. So let's talk about when Ben first comes onto the scene. And as recall, Michael brings him into Babylon, introduces them to the guys.

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