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Can you know but people are just looking for something new to to grab a book a New? Show a movie. What's the answer punt fully? Intended Frankie for those folks and he book recommendations anything that we should check out and read to better improve ourselves during this crazy time. I read the book The outsiders it's a series on. Hbo My Buddy told me to watch it but I read the book instead Stephen King I ripped in the week. It's like a five hundred page book. But I rip. That book is pretty good if files along the The Series Up. Pretty closely though. So that's not a bad a bad. Pick right there at the check that out for sure. Great Frankie really appreciate you coming on and been covering the sport for a little over five years now and this is the first time we've been able to chat so it means a lot anything else you want to get off your chest. Let the folks know before we let you go. Check out my podcast. Champion tramp It's me and Roger Matthews. We have a new episode every week. So I've been doing that in my basement. Actually hearing the podcast room as we speak so Yeah check US out. Are you enjoying being on that side of the podcasting microphone? Joined the the hosts the host. A little bit I am. It's fun you know. It's with my body right now. We've had a couple of guests guys that I mostly trained wit or hang out with getting our feet wet having fun with it. We how far do you think this thinking go? Would you have like you just kind of wing right now or do you sort of have like certain goals aspirations steps? You WanNa take to make even bigger honestly. I'm just winging it right now. I guess we We're trying to stay consistent and the and just trying to have fun fun because it doesn't make money at least I get to sit in a basement. Bullshit buddies a couple of nights a week. Perfect way to look at it. Thanks again Frankie. Stay healthy and safe open. We can do this again soon. Maybe before your your bantamweight debut. I appreciate the time you've got.

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