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The team in the first half Spurs. So would put a fight up in the second half, twenty minutes to go, and it would be Spurs would take the get the equaliser Harry Kane with the initial ball of cross and Lucas Moore's that to make one look it 'cause it's a mess kick from areas and the other as. When Kim takes a free cake. The ball is still tainted yet mountain Atkinson's in a good position. What you hear that? This should have been called is not not as big a talking point as it would've been not go three points, but still spas in the front for this point question. The ball is still moving. On the pressure at this point in the game. And then what about five minutes ago, a chance to Spurs together second Van Dyke Show up against sun and Sogo into soaker? Does this? Well, one day does raise the he push all the pressure on show. Basically, the pasta, Sean who probably should have moved somewhere else. And then from there is a mind game. Shook with a horrible finishing the end moments later tally with the chance calls it WI though. I just opened up from time bend enough font. Call to be fairly cement, we're going to go on and win the game anxiety point. And then Salah's Hata comes off your isse out of our old and it's known goal, and it is a precious winner for livable. I'm so Lutely horrendous. Goalkeeping a World Cup winners medal. But we've always said. Yep. A mistake in them. So finishes Liverpool to one your clocks, emotions, I think reflecting livable fans around the world is that bad top of the table. Two points. Clear of Manchester City. Got lucky? Absolutely. Cheltenham fund, a thing they deserve the point. No question. Liberal false half were dominant law that was done to the fight the suppose, we're far too deep. Second off Vokes pose with the say for me -olutely. It was a one one draw written all over it. And then of course, you it. The end spills the beans and Liverpool get three points. You should have a ferret relieved that was more than the leaves with four minutes to go at Isler said, you know, what blow the whistle because I thought I thought got lucky I actually, you know, mid a mid the changes bringing. Forbi- new on and John and taking off Henderson a Milner. And I thought I was a huge gamble because the almost lost again. Because at the end, they went it. So you can see on the one hand that he soaps to choose Tom though, well because the one, but actually I think he got lucky with the changes originally one again when it came on the left hand side. Here's a guy who if Liverpool. One thing Liverpool do particularly well in Falstaff mainly through some also Trent Alexander when saw got your back three which became about five because the four bucks bucks push pot. They get good delivery into the ball slaying the goal for from you know. So when you bring John he's a big big old lump. But he's out in the lifetime side doesn't want the bulk for good delivery. And so and some way that was a little bit strange. But thank you know, he puts Tino changes shape, the team to try and personnel because he'd no wings. No dire. Stevie mention. One Yama on the week, whether he might plan, you know, mobility, so he changed to get voice. The guys in the medal, and it clearly wasn't working and the second half talk Roy's talking and went more live by an extra body in the middle of the park, and they dominate and when you see the Cianci's taught them created necess- and only down to the fact that you know, socal as no confidence in front of goal is playing well actually live appeal were able to win the game because I fought spas. We're going to go on and win is you said take your point an run. We're talking about the significance of this result for Spurs in their chase for the top four in a moment..

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