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Jane oh your previous callers have hit on a lot of the things i was going to talk about with regard to the cheap coverage in the news media feeding off itself in paparazzi kind of style as far as some of the issues that don't get covered one of the things that i always want mentioned on the air and nobody ever gives me an opportunity to is most of the problems that we face and humanity are related to overpopulation i mean if we had four billion people on this planet instead of seven point five billion people a lot of healthcare issues a lot of the crime issues the many of the issues that we deal with would be and nobody ever talks about it i it's it's an idea for another show we just have two minutes with nick kristof and and i'm gonna let you take the microphone here and and leave us with your thoughts after this terrific column over the weekend about our addiction to trump our obsession with trump what would you have no nick as as we go out of here now so you know as i think about issues that are under covered i do think that there is a systematic pattern that the issues that we in america are worst at developing policies toward are those that are hardest to talk about for one reason or another maybe it's because they involve sex which were which always is kind of an awkward conversation or sexual violence or because they involve a certain amount of shame or a mental health for example just a huge national problem that clearly were under addressing domestic violence and the news media should be trying to break some of these taboo should be trying to cover some of these difficult issues but i i think we in the media have to figure out had a simultaneously provide real accountability over president trump and cover the incredibly important things that that he is doing i certainly.

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