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To the left to get by unclear how many lanes They may be taking. We're checking now on U S. 40. This is happened earlier this morning due to the wind. We had wires Come down your Bethany and Centennial Lane follow police direction. Also, you'll find fairly and wrote in Silver spring that is still closed between surface and time Went Tamarack Road again. Trees, downed wires down on the defensive with extra time as you head out this morning. American military universities. Freedom Grant is now available for members of the U. S. Armed forces pursuing undergraduate or master's degrees. Find out more Am you freedom? Grant dot com Married to pump the WTF Be traffic mostly sunny for today. Breezy, seasonable, unpleasant highs will be in the upper sixties so low seventies mostly clear overnight tonight with diminishing winds and not his chili is last night lows in the upper forties to mid fifties. Partly sunny for tomorrow. Breezy, non seasonably warm highs in the mid seventies. The near 80 cloudy on Monday warm and we're human. Scattered showers and a few thunderstorms, arriving highs in the low to mid seventies. Cloudy on Tuesday. Very warm and humid, Scattered showers and a few thunderstorms Highs in the upper seventies Toe low eighties I'm store Team four meteorologist Matt Ritter. It's 52 degrees of Port Bellmore, home of the National Museum of the United States. Army 53 foggy bottom 53 in beautiful downtown silver Spring and 50 degrees and sunny outside the glass. Close nerve center here in Friendship Heights at 9 51. After a four day delay. The spacecraft resilience is scheduled to splash down in the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of the Florida Panhandle at about three tomorrow morning. Eastern. It will be just the third night time splashed down in history, bringing four space station astronauts home. After more than six months of an orbit, and here is what they're looking forward to. Space Food has improved by leaps and bounds over the years, But space station crews always look forward to returning to Earth bound Beals for Shannon Walker. It's this,.

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