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In for tolbert on knbr v in the end here at the as the obama a moment thought his ogoni will love talking of aids who'd he's got going the headless 630 specials you may have missed a woman in grand rapids michigan is one hundred four years old that's old and his old you want to live that you know once they start having to be like adult diapered and taking care of you can throw me in the box nail it shut merit while remember that is you know a good life she says that she says be the reason why a nothing has happened to her because of her daily intake of refined beverages diet coke she says quote i drink it because i like it uh she says i have a bagful of empty diet coke cans on a need returned by more diet coke she says she has at least one can each day she's attributes that for her longevity by that date coq nestled was sure and give you a whatever whatever floats your boat when it comes 1100 for years now maybe you could say i get hammered every night note of liftoff on one hundred four people are gonna be like sweden emma get hammered every night live under for years no senior that you wanted her for i think is is genetics and luck yeah there you're looking at your looked i knew people that i i've known guys of drake six right di coke's during the show it's a we'll do it just depends on what you're into people get addicted that stuff i've never been addicted to any kind of beverage like that no boos is different i'm talking about like dying gerber yeah that's different like you like this again but i'm just saying like sodas even coffee like i like coffee but i'm not going to have like love got him in a day love cough you have to have one cup day at least no doubt it your body gets completely dictate that the days that you don't have it will be sirte late there is a little bit of the shake factor on that one in out yeah coffees different there's some people have there in the diko summit must be the same effect but if i don't have coffee yep not good i'm in the same symbo authorities say.

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