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With a registered representative. Their duty is To sell you some investment that is suitable for you. And I know people talk about the judiciary duties and all that. But you need to have somebody who truly understands how to create those income streams shows you the options on how to create those income streams because there's not one size fits all you need to truly understand how to create this income streams, and you need to understand the tax implications of those income streams. Imagine Elizabeth 20 to 30% right off the top because the advisor you chose doesn't understand the tax implications of what you're doing. So when we sit down with our clients when we sit down and create those income streams, we showed them exactly how it's gonna happen. Look, if you want to buy an annuity, here's on a newly works. Here's how it's going to guarantee your income. You don't want an annuity because you read I hit a new lease, and you should, too. Okay, fine. Here's how the stock market works. And here's how much money you have to satisfy in the stock market to statistically right that Monte Carlo to statistically never run out of money. Here's how much you have to set aside. And you know if you want preferred stocks and dividend paying stocks, here's another approach. But you need to have those options in front of you so that you can make an informed decision about your money. And if you want to have that opportunity, if you want to know exactly what your options are, and you don't want a one size fits all approach. Give us a call. We will sit down with you. We will create those income streams Policy 8665 minutes. 7 10 48 66. 597 10, 40 Ryan and I Marching will sit down with you. We will show you exactly how to create those income streams. We're going to tell you exactly how much money you need to set aside in a new and if that works for you in stocks and equities, If that works for you and preferred stocks and evidence will tell you exactly how much money you need to set aside to create that income straight. It's not an approximation. It's not a Maybe It's not what we think. And it certainly isn't a round number. It is an exact number because you know what? It's an exact science. We know exactly how much that number is. When you sit down with us, we're going to create those income streams. We're gonna show how much risk you're taking. We're going to talk to you about the fees that your pain we're gonna talk about long term care, state planning and most importantly right now, folks taxes. We have five years left of the lowest tax rates we've ever had before. And quite frankly, with Joe Biden talking about increasing your taxes at this very minute. There's no time like right this second to do tax planning for now and into the future. Give us a call 866597 10 40 retirement planning A to Z will give you a couple minutes to call in and set that time up with my Canete and Ryan Herbert and the team at pro Status Financial Advisors group. And, of course, here on the savvy investor, radio and podcast, then speaking of taxes, Texas and Florida are the fastest Growing states population wise, But what if you like where you live Right now? You don't really have to move to another state just to lower your tax bill in retirement. We're gonna talk about that next right here with you. Stay with us talking away way. I don't know what I'm saying it anyway. Wcbm traffic check is sponsored by Echo Park. Traffic is still stop and go Eastman on 50 between Davidsonville Road in 97, an accident he spent on 58 route Boulevard quickly cleared away and delays continue eastbound between radial drive and the Bay Bridge to a traffic is in effect. Now there was an accident on Davidsonville Road in the vicinity of highway to 14 eastbound watch for delays from Foxhall Drive, and you will still need to watch out for crash of Pikesville on Reisterstown Road between Naylor's Lane and the Beltway. You will still find slogan. Traffic on the outer loop of the Beltway approaching Washington Boulevard, Right lane blocked with an incident. You don't want to pay more. When you don't have to an Echo Park, Baltimore and moral They echo that their vehicles are always the lowest price of the $3000 less than their competition. Find your next vehicle today at Echo park dot com. Echo Park Automotive Lower prices Higher quality Better Experience on Best Borders to talk radio 6 80 wcbm. The Songs of Love Foundation is a nonprofit.

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