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As the big concern him at the andre eighty yeah they're offensively they're actually funny if you mix those two guys together they'd be the perfect player just the andres great on offense and kind of a little lackluster on defense whereas bomba is unbelievable on defense and kinda round out an offensive game but yeah both guys make a huge impact on either side their particular side of the ball george wha what is the need for a guy like baba the sense obviously he's intriguing because of his size because of everything you just mentioned but because he's relatively limited offensively in the way that the game has gone we're even guys like embiid and everybody else stepping out to shoot three point shots is he's still a very valuable piece to have on your team even if he doesn't have much offense at this point oh yeah i mean certainly because you still need guys that can protect the rim asli because as many guys are shooting threes you know more more than half the game is still played at the rim i mean look to give you an example right so the houston rockets shot i think fifty two percent of their shots last year from three point land and you know about forty percent or so maybe forty five somewhere in that range was at the rim so even a team like that who shot more than anybody last year is still taking almost half their shots at the rim so you want a guy who's a deterrent and as i mentioned you know he's been working on his three point shot it wasn't something that at texas they wanted him to take very often but during the process here he's been really working on it and the one thing scouts say about bomba is that he actually has nice shooting form it's just a matter of him taking the on shot saying he kinda run over that that part of his game trae young to me is the starved as draft i know has been up and down projection for him as a prospect but what do you see where do you think he goes chris i'm always afraid marcellus of the guy that we say is oh he's the next this guy right like i i didn't love that would you lose random when they were trying to make him the next rand off you know i always i heard victor depot the next wayne weight and look those guys julie's it's turned out to be a nightmare and victor certainly slayer slayer but you know they're not those dudes that we talked about right like do are potential hall of fame type guys in back and certainly dwayne skate so when you hear that he could be the next steph curry i kinda cringe a little bit because i just feel like it puts unnecessary pressure on a kid like that and to me it's all about where you were you land right like if he lands in the right situation where he gets learners like steph curry the baby he he can show us that skill set that we see that look similar to staff but if he lands on a team where man he's gonna have to be counted on early and that's what you start to look and you say oh yeah i don't know if i feel that kind of impact that steph has had on his team and let's not forget it took steph a couple of years to become steph curry so i just feel like it's under pressure he can shoot the hell out of the ball i don't think there's any question like he has that kind of rains like stuff i i just kind of cautioned comparing him to stuff this quickly george sodano joining us from philadelphia where he's covering the nba draft inter a lot of red flags around mitchell rob a lot of very tantalizing physical skills from mitchell robinson which which wins out is he going to go in the first round i think he's going to be on.

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