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A plan is in place to begin fixing the ongoing This problems is the home the on red Columbia Parkway with seven the hundred ten w o'clock identity report and tomorrow req- will chino be live at holy breaking grail now banks. taking My show action will be to stabilize enforced. the hillside after a light pole came crashing Iraq down across Columbia for a little while Parkway to yesterday. in and out all Thankfully, the way up until there was no first oncoming pitch and pre-game traffic at to the time. any And no last one was opening injured day the for road. one Mark The road Marty remains Brennaman. shut down We'll today be on the show later and to talk later about this that, afternoon. by the way, There is a special meeting it of city is opening council day. to talk And about a fixed if you're new landslide to Cincinnati song Columbia of Parkway which we have continued people moving to here threaten all the time drivers because it's such a and great place those to who live. live there You as will not we understand get into Cincinnati. the rainy Until season, you've experienced opening day. we Now have to twenty be very something very years concerned ago is my first in opening cognizant day in Cincinnati, of that. Vice and mayor Christopher I smitherman was blown brought away forth because the I motion was told it's that pretty passed big deal. last I thought week okay, to it's focus a baseball game. the city's I efforts had no on idea. stopping And this these was landslides. back in the Now back mayor John when it cranley was is riverfront calling for a meeting stadium of slash the budget synergy and finance field committee on in Wednesday doing a show on the concourse capital dollars. with Cunningham There sag. are projects I forget who else that are may not have been there shovel at the time, ready, but just being overwhelmed. and This it's important amount for us of people to move those were dollars standing around in my and watching opinion. Willie talk going is this reality is this happening. And then getting a view of afterwards because I haven't been interesting about it ever since I've been I've never been the parade because I always been part of the broadcast or in this case do my show. Right. Is that later, you know, video of the opening day parade and go holy crap. This is a big deal. The city literally shuts down on opening day, and before you can understand what Cincinnati since he is about to begin to understand what we're about one must experience opening day. Attorney. Randy freaking is written a book it's called Cincinnati's one hundred fifty or opening day history. And he joins us now to talk about it on seven hundred WWE's making the big book tour today, you're like Oprah today. Randy, you're the Oprah of Cincinnati. Great. I this left. Emma Watson over at FOX grill or making arrangements for annual luncheon at the red FOX girl before we participate in the parade. So I was happy to see gamma and all the good folks direct. It's a big thing. And is a big thing for the freaking family. There's like twenty thousand of you, and you all go to the red FOX, then you go to the parade. And then you go to the game. It is, you know, a lot of families have traditions for you guys. It's all about opening the I think that's a coolest thing ever. Yeah. You know, Scott. I I compared thanksgiving because you don't by anybody presence. It's all about getting together with family and friends. We hardly remember who won the game. You know? It's all being with people. And and you know, what I researched this book. It's just amazing. How the party is just ball either. There was a parade to the first game. But it was only a couple of hundred people parading the red stockings in. And it's just grown exponentially. My book is all about the prayed history the Kurd coincidentally on around opening day. You know, there's no historical events that occurred on opening day or the day before it's kind of interesting. And let's start with that too. You may have heard how. But but the parade itself is an interesting example of Cincinnati, and how how the parade actually began because you had the birthplace of professional. Baseball's one hundred fifty years ago, but you also had the parade to in a sense is a commercial, right? Frank band crosses the father of opening day. He decided to making a big spectacle. And he's the one who started a parade back in the early eighteen ninety s and literally great through downtown. And downtown would be packed in those days. Really stop watch. If Gibson house, which is now, you know, walnut street between fourth and chef is where it was located. They'd have watched and go over to the ballpark. Frank Bancroft decided to make it more special by inviting dignitaries eastern, the tradition of the ceremonial first pitch and eighteen ninety four. And it's just gone crazy. Findlay market folks got involved in nineteen twenty hundred parade this year. Right. And you know, the the Findlay market parade was more or less. Glorified pub crawl for, you know, thirties forties. Fifties sixties then March March shot really launched the celebration. You know, she started bringing in the elephants from the zoo. And now we got parties all over the place. Right. It's basically, you know, we had a big party last Friday. I like I like to think that's the beginning of opening day week Arnold's will be open early. You guys will be down on the banks TR will be able to parties northern Kentucky will be having parties. It'll be a big party on the square. It's literally got out of control. And that is the coolest thing too is just experiencing that for the for you. You know, you're kind of baked into it ran a you're born into this thing. But for people who have immigrated to Cincinnati to experience for the first time it is. It's incredible. Look at us and go I cannot believe this is happening. For baseball game and considering the reds haven't been good for a long time. It's even more astounding. Yeah. You know, it's just wonderful Swannee writing in that parade and just watching the kids on the sidewalks starting right by Finley market, you know, so everybody can participate in open gay. I think that's what's wonderful about it. Not everybody can go to game, but everybody can participate in the parade and have fun. Just enjoy the arrival spring. We've had many cases Randy freaking. We're opening day was cancelled because of weather, but in the one hundred fifty year history, we're the parade and subsequently the game cancelled for.

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